The Woman of Liberia use their Power to Change Their Country-Why Can’t AA Protect it’s Own Members From Sexual Harassment and Rape.



We will use a new modality to get sane, sober and free from addiction using, Smart Recovery, Hank Hayes new 5 Point System, Amy Lee Coy’s book From Death DO I Part, Stanton Peele’s way, Dee-dee Stout’s Way, Kenneth Anderson’s way with Hams Harm Reduction, Tom Horvath’s way with a non 12 step Recovery Treatment Center called Practical Recovery. Rational Recovery, Woman for Sobriety, Secular for Sobriety.

Leymah Gbowee Wrote ‘MIGHTY BE OUR POWERS”

A Group of woman in a war torn country can affect change but we can’t seem to get AA/NA Safe!

Why is AA so full of Predators?

Is AA a secret Society like Scull & Crossbones?


Call in or chat as to how our country can find safe ways to get help when they have problems with drinking or addiction.

Tomorrow on

5:30pm PST


One Hour Show with Massive

Powerless 1936

Empowered 2011

Speak up…

Speak out…

We will not stop till the truth is exposed at every level.

And until we are all safe.


3 thoughts on “The Woman of Liberia use their Power to Change Their Country-Why Can’t AA Protect it’s Own Members From Sexual Harassment and Rape.

  1. I am interested in the grassroots movement suggested here and in the post titled “Stop13stepinaa’s Blog
    A grassroots movement of AA members are writing literature and Addressing Sexual and Financial Predators in AA meetings! Things must change!” (When I go to that post, however, there is no “post”– only a series of comments.)

    I have written about gender and power in the 12-Step world and about feminist recovery in my book, *The Language of the Heart* (, which also talks about how and why people in recover write their own literature. I would like to know more about the folks coming together to write about the problem with predators in the rooms, and perhaps to blog about it on my blog, *Points* ( This sounds like a very important development in recovery culture.

    I hope someone can contact me at my work email,, so that we can set up a correspondence or interview. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

    Trysh Travis


    1. ttravis- Hi Welcome! Yes I guess I was the only one inspired by the Woman from liberia. I watched her on Tavis Smiley and watched the Documentary. The reason I chose them was I realized that if women with AK47’s pointed in their faces could effect change , even with so much resistance so could we, by hell or high water.
      If you listen to my http://www.blogtalkradio.comsaferecovery you will hear the story. I took a look at your book and was curious what your point is. I am not really sure. I have created a newer blog
      click on tools and you will see the literature we have. You can also contact me directly at


      1. Maybe we can talk and I will tell you more about the movement which is growing every day and more anti AA blogs are popping up all over. Stinkin thinkin ,, http://www.steppinon suicide is anoher one
        badrecovery is another one. The Fix is a pro AA site as you probably know. I left AA last spring after 36 years in it. Good god what a waste. I could have been Mayor by now or made 10 films or written 5 books.
        Good news is I am making up for now.


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