Is AA a dangerous place?

Weather it be Sexual harassment, Sexual Battery, rape, Financial scamming by older members, Sponsorship Bullying or simply intimidation by old-timers or hardened criminals and serious 3rd level sex offenders. Either way…

Someone placed this in google today and found my site.  “is AA a dangerous place”? Yes. My answer is yes. It is a very dangerous place and we plan to help anyone who is still going to AA and has been harmed.

If you have been harmed and it is criminal please go to the police. Report all rapes and sexual battery and sexual harassment and if you need support contact us at makeaasafer@gmail

If you are a minor or a child who has been harmed or molested by an AA/NA member please contact us at


9 thoughts on “Is AA a dangerous place?

  1. tbird- your welcome! GLad to see you here and posting. I too realized after I left AA after many years sober and attending that I did it. All the service I did I did for me and my family.

    They can be extremely judgmental. Have you seen my other blog? You take care. You are not alone. There are so many of us or felt disenfranchised and left.


  2. BTW, I didn’t get the chip and stopped going back right before three years. Just couldn’t bring myself to participate in a ritual that wasn’t that important to me. I don’t like to count my time. I just live my life and try to be grateful for another chance.


  3. Thanks Massive. You know, it has been a blessing to find so many others that have had similar experiences. The last time I relapsed had a lot to do with AA Bullying and click behavior.
    This started to happen again after I went back to meetings with two years sober. This time, though, I wasn’t quite as gullible and it was a battle getting a chip and thanking AA members and “the fellowship” because they didn’t have squat to do with my sobriety.
    If they don’t like you, they will gossip and make your life a living nightmare- nevermind that if you take a drink again it will kill you and that AA is supposed to be a safe haven. I am so very grateful that God has given me eyes to see today and that I can truly say I owe my sobriety to God and not a group! I am not religious, but I did experience a psychic change and it is still with me. I may get a little off track from time to time, but I know where to turn and it isn’t the people in AA.
    There are many things I love in the “Big Book” but the fellowship has been turned into something it was never intended to be.


  4. AA, depending on the group can be extremely dangerous. I have been sober three years after finally doing it without AA and I was a die hard drunk.


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