Mandate That All AA Meetings Must Read Safety Statement, Have literature- implement Sexual Harassment Policies.

In April 2010 A Courageous group of AA women and men held the first ever Make AA Safer Workshop. As a result, rapes were uncovered and rampant 13 stepping , sexual misconduct , battery and cult behavior were exposed.
Quickly Another Workshop was planned and held in West Covina. More crime was exposed. Still no accountability. Some group members respond yet many scurry like rats back into the shadows.

October 2009. A long time member wrote an 11 page letter to AA World Headquarters documenting the abuses she was uncovering. There was only a response 2 months later from Robin Bromley, The Grapevine Editor. None from the Headquarters. Then nine months later a group of members sign another detailed letter of abuses written by long term member-and it gets sent to AA WORLD HEADQUARTERS in July 2010. There was no response.

Headquarters passes the buck to the groups, but the groups really  have no power, and the local groups believe AA headquarters is the God that guides them.

“It Must be AA approved ” they yell with fists in the air”!

So four women get together, write a pamphlet, many groups love it, the spanish groups adore it, translate it, and others flip out when they read it. Hundreds gave their input as I re wrote it 15 times. It is currently used in over 65 meetings and growing.

Many groups , most groups, many members are very dis empowered by the rhetoric they hear in meetings over and over again.
They have drunk the kool aid for far too long…

The stories are still being collected. They get worse, never better. Sex, Rape, Sexual Harassmnet, Sexual Battery, shooting, throat’s slit in meetings and even death.

Oldtimer abuse is rampant like a bad 1950’s version of ‘BIG LOVE”.

AA Headquarters must be forced to address this serious problem that is at epidemic proportions. Please sign the petition and forward to any who will sign it.




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