2 thoughts on “Woman Acquitted of Vehicular Homicide- another sentencing to AA meetings a faith healing

  1. Ignorance of your surroundings and actions while drunk is an unacceptable excuse or defense, this is the consequences Kramer, Jeremy and his family have to live with.The laws to determine if one has consumed too much alcohol to drive is clear cut. If Kramer weren’t drunk she would have known what she was doing and cognizant that there was another individual (a friend) in her vehicle. She made the decision to drive extremely intoxicated with no regard for Jeremy, his friends and family or anyone else driving at the time. She claims coherently NOW that she had no idea he was in her vehicle. How can we truly believe that when she THOUGHT SHE WAS PERFECTLY FINE TO DRIVE THAT FATEFUL DAY? How can the Judge and Jury believe her in the extreme intoxicated state she was in that she DID ACTUALLY see him, didn’t care, drove anyway and doesn’t remember NOW because of a black out , defensive strategy or guilt? Send her to AA they surely will fix her and bring back a loved one from the dead. What are two meetings a week going to accomplish????? FOR HEAVEN SAKES SHE KILLED SOMEONE!!!! WHAT IS THE VALUE OF A PERSON’S LIFE NOW-A-DAYS??????


  2. Of course she knew the guy was in the truck with her, how could she not?!! I got a misdemeanor DUI in Florida back in ’08 that cost me $3500 , 6 months of useless schooling, lost driving privelages, and the list goes on. I had to go on the lamb and leave the state because the terms and conditions I could not meet. And I had a 16 year old blind dog to care for, so I said fuck Florida, and good riddance!


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