Mandated NA Member Slits Throat of 80 Year Old Woman

This is a very sad story. NA and AA should rethink letting judges mandate violent criminals to AA as part of their sentencing. How about sending them to jail!


5 thoughts on “Mandated NA Member Slits Throat of 80 Year Old Woman

  1. Here is a very sad story about a grandmother who was murdered by her grandson 5 years ago.
    He had been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings around the time of this tragic event.
    It is a heart wrenching story.If any one wants to visit the site below and post any kind words for the family, it would be appreciated as it is still a very difficult time of year for them.


  2. Nancy Dailey had no children.But a family member found her.Dont know which relative that was.

    Tonia Watson and Alan Wood had long criminal records and should not have been on the streets.

    The last entry in Nancy Dailys’ journal was ‘first robin of spring’. At 80 years old she was enjoying the little things in life and was known to be a very kind hearted, intelligent person.

    The judicial system has blood on their hands.They need to stop this insanity of mandating dangerous felons to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.


    1. I am sickened and sad by this story. Lets see who the Judge was that sentenced him to NA in the first place.

      And what family member found her. This is a story that just says how much our activism is needed.


      I hope the spend the rest of their lives in prison.


  3. On top of murdering this wonderful lady-Alan Wood also has on his rap sheet a conviction related to attempted rape of a woman he met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.He only did 7 months in jail!
    Now he will only be able to go to NA meetings in a prison!


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