AA Sponsor Accused of Sex Assault

 http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/30431327/detail.html BOULDER, Colo. — A sponsor for an Alcoholics Anonymous group in Boulder is accused of sexually assaulting a member he had offered to help.

Longmont police arrested Laureano Sifuentes, 64, Wednesday night on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact. Sifuentes posted bond Thursday morning.

Boulder detectives have been investigating Sifuentes since November 2011 when a woman reported that Sifuentes had touched her inappropriately during a meeting that he had scheduled at a Boulder hotel. read more…


2 thoughts on “AA Sponsor Accused of Sex Assault

  1. HI Walter- good to see you ! Im sorry Im never got to contact the VEt Admin over there on your behalf. Glad to see you have not given up. Have you file a complaint about her with the Attorney General’s Office. They will and can begin an investigation. ALso if she is a social worker they all have union and society that you can file a complaint about her. Dont give up!


  2. These people are mongrels thru and thru! I am a disabled veteran who lost my housing opportunities because my case manager is a teetotaler. And what a nasty b++++ she turned out to be! She made me homeless (again), with no qualms. She is not a veteran, but a civilian with a great job within the system. Her name is Melinda Hillock, and email is melinda.hillock@va.gov So if you care about my homelessness at the hands of this woman, and her arbitrary ability to put veterans on the street because she doesn’t drink, email her hard! Walter Webb


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