Keep All Members Safe at ACYPAA this Year! If you are Sexually Harassed ask for help. If you are assaulted call the police. Being harassed in AA is the same as being harassed in a grocery store. Speak up…Speak out…Stop covering up the criminal behavior. AA is NOT A SPECIAL SECRET SOCIETY. AA is not ABOVE THE LAW!


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  1. No! AA is not above the law! I am a disabled Veteran who was denied housing benefits by a teetotaler named melinda hillock, email I mean who is to say that I can’t have a glass of wine with a steak? She is a nobody who has a cushy job within the VA, and a teetotaler? What has this world come to? Losers like Melinda Hillock, and Judy Lipton. Dear Lord! Let us please discharge these losers. They are doing nothing for disabled Veterans! They have their own agenda. They are mean and cruel. They will be fired soon, for sure! Because you can’t fuck a Veteran for long and get away with it! Senator Kerry will not allow it. My father was a 3 time purple heart recipient, and a bronze and silver star recipient. He served 30 years and fought in 3 world wars. WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. My mother was a Naval officer, and a nurse. I served 6 years as a rescue swimmer, with other duties I am not at the liberty to discuss. My mother and father are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Who the fuck are Melinda Hillock or Judy Lipton to arbitrarily ruin my life as civilians who have never served their country?
    Walter Vern Webb Jr.


    1. HI Walter- good to see you here. I am sorry about all of this. How can we help you. Should we contact her boss. Her? Senator Kerry?

      Did you know there are a few Senators in AA…poor guys…poor constituents! It’s scary to think of Senators in AA. Powerlessness is not good for good leadership.


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