Just see people asking this questions. I was shocked to learn this. I know some one personally who met Tom Powers who helped Bill write it. He no money at all.

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Tom Powers helped Bill Wilson to write Bill’s second book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Francis Hartigan, who was Lois Wilson’s private secretary and confidant, recently wrote a biography of Bill Wilson. For it, Hartigan interviewed Tom Powers, and quoted Tom as saying that he had urged Bill to quit his smoking and womanizing:

“All the while we were working on the ‘Twelve and Twelve,'” Tom said, “I would argue with him, ‘you’re killing yourself. And think about what you’re doing to Lois!”
While other people I spoke with insisted that Lois never knew about Bill’s affairs, Tom insisted that “Lois knew everything and she didn’t have to guess about it, either. A lot of people tried to protect her, but there were others who would run to Stepping Stones to tell Lois all about it whenever they saw Bill with another woman.
I asked Tom how Bill reacted…

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