Sex Offenders Arressted and sent to Jail in Polson, Montana for violating his parole.

Sean Calahan was a sex offenders who got hi sway and plea bargained out of jail card and was attending AA meetings. While attending he was taking advantage of new women in AA because he said they were easy prey ” wrote his parole officer in the report. Read the whole story here…

This is the very thing we are discussing and object to with AA. Its Own World Headquarters, likes to bury it’s head in the sand and do nothing to protect the unknowing public as well as it’s current members.


How does a NON- Profit get away with this sort of thing? If you have been a victim of this man please contact us here for support.


3 thoughts on “Sex Offenders Arressted and sent to Jail in Polson, Montana for violating his parole.

  1. “The probation officer said that Calahan is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual intercourse without consent by at least one woman in Lake County.”

    This is a quote in the article. Why are they stepping around the fact that he is being investigated for rape as well? Instead of calling it ‘sexual intercourse without consent’. That’s a new one.

    This slimeball is bragging about how he went after newbies in AA because the womaen were vulnerable. Right out of the horses mouth! The fact AA and NA are going after minors to come into the rooms of AA aand NA so teens can experience their ‘diversity’ is sickening.

    What is wrong with The Department of Family and Children Services? Why are they looking the other way?
    Including judges, parents, schools, doctors and state governments? They all need to step up to the plate and end this abusive practice of mixing felons with minors.

    Dont forget that AA and NA actually ask people to do sexual inventories. How would you like this guy to be your child’s sponsor, and having him ask your teen about their sex life in great detail?


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