Hank Hayes on blogtalkradio today with Massive and Why AA Doesn’t Work for Some


Posted on May 29, 2012


Have you been in and out of AA/NA? Have sponosrs told you to just do “another 4th step” Do you feel like AA is a cult? Have you been told to do more “service” ? Are tired of hearing readings from a book from 1939 being your design for living? Have AA memebers told you what medications you can or can not take? This and more are some reasons why people are running from 12 step meetings and it’s culture.

But what about the person who gets a DUI and is court ordered illegally to AA meetings. Know your rights. Ask for a non religious alternative , such as LifRing, Smart Recovery, Hams Harm REduction, Drink Link Moderation , On Track and Beyond, Amy Lee Coys WAY, Rational Recovery and SOS , Secualr Oranizations for Sobriety .

Join Monica aka  massive for a 1 hour show on why AA doesnt work for some. What happens in AA today. How is this harmful to some and where else can a person get support and help.

I may read blogger gunthar 2000 version of Chapter 5 one more time for fun!!!

Call in if you have a question or comment

Hank Hayes will join in for 45 minutes

818-475-9211 or chat live go to www.blogtalkradio.com/saferecovery


4 thoughts on “Hank Hayes on blogtalkradio today with Massive and Why AA Doesn’t Work for Some

  1. Massive, Gunthar & y’all inspired me!!! 🙂


    1. If we are conscientious in this phase of our lives, and have finally left AA for good, we will be amazed before we are halfway through!

    2. We are going to know a new truth, a new freedom and real happiness!

    3. We will not regret leaving AA at all, and will gladly slam the door on it!

    4. We will embrace the true meaning of serenity and we will finally know peace!

    5. No matter how far down the ladder AA tried to bring us, we will see how intelligent & strong we really are, and how our experiences can benefit others by getting them the hell out of AA too!

    6. That feeling of confusion over AA’s contradictions and useless aphorisms will disappear!

    7. We will lose interest in boring meetings and regain interest in our families, life goals, passions and long-lost hobbies again!

    8. Self-flagellation and self-loathing will slip away!

    9. Our whole attitude and outlook upon AA will change!

    10. Fear, guilt, shame, self-defeating labels, stupid slogans, AA jargon, 13-stepping perverts, and putting dollars in the basket will leave us!

    11. We will intuitively know how to handle AA members who totally baffled us with their bullshit.

    12. We will suddenly realize that we are doing for ourselves what AA could not.

    Are these extravagant promises?

    F#CK NO !!!!!

    They are being fulfilled among us right now — amazingly quickly — with the help of deprogramming & becoming an activist against the atrocities of the AA cult.

    They will come into perceptible, rational existence when we finally take our power back and realize we were never diseased, powerless, hopeless, defective, pathetic people that AA told us we were.

    It’s time to OCCUPY AA.


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