Alcoholics Anonymous-Seniors- and Economic Predators

Some of us are always thinking about the sexual predator in AA. But we have seen some bigger stories this past year that display a not so new type of predator in AA and NA. That is the financial predator. We will begin to highlight some news stories that tell this sad tale of scam artists who prey on senior citizens who think AA members are trust worthy long before they prove themselves.

If you or someone has been ripped off by an AA member, please contact the police, us, and call a lawyer, file a complaint in NYGSO,  and please tell your story here.


7 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous-Seniors- and Economic Predators

  1. The person who harmed me has contacted me and promised to pay back the money he owes me. He has requested that I remove his name here for his privacy which I am going to do.

    Everyones comments will be monitored for right now as I am so busy finishing the film.

    A note to all..this is not a pro AA site.

    This is a place for those still in AA who want to make it safe…we help them if we can do that. Its a safe place for those who have been harmed by AA or NA members in any predatory way.

    This is not a debating page.


  2. 18 months ago my then-sponsor Denise Kawkeka (Talmage, CA) borrowed/stole $246, paid me $50, then told me to go F myself. I took her to court & won the judgement. Sheriff served her employer wage garnishment papers at JCPenneys where she works, but I still have not gotten the rest. My x-boyfriend (also an AA) found me a job 2 years ago, watching his friend’s ranch. Her name is Brenda Hodges (Calpella, CA). I made $1700, she paid me $1000 (finally) last year. When I asked Coby if Brenda is ever going to pay me the other $700, he told me No, that her & I were square. I don’t think so! I’d take her to court, but I have no proof she owes me money because it was her pot farm I had been watching. We’ll see how she likes it this harvest season (October) when I drop a dime on her butt for illegally growing. I am so tired of AA people screwing me over. I was an idiot to loan out money & work for such slime wads. 2 years ago I was on the Activities Committee & I ran the raffle at the picnic. We pulled in $580 (or maybe it was $640). Melinda (the leader) took the money from me & went straight to the Casino & LOST it all. So then at the next business meeting, we asked her for the money & she confessed. So many of us were angry. The “elders” wrote a letter & posted it on the board, FORGIVING her — after all, gambling is a disease, they said, just like addiction/alcoholism. I wanted to go straight to the PD, but was told it was an outside issue. I say Bullshit! I lost count of how many times the club was broken into, the safe was busted into & all the money stolen (usually about $1000-$1400 a month. They finally got smart & now they take the money out each night. I DON’T TRUST ANYONE IN AA anymore. I am SO GLAD I quit the cult & no longer have to put up with those bunch of thieves! I wish I had called the cops on Melinda. That’s grand larceny. I thought some of the principles were Honesty, Accountability & Responsibility. Apparently not.


    1. Sorry you’ve had such luck with AA members, I relate, not just with money, but with trust all the way around. I’m to the point I don’t believe everything I hear at sharing meetings. And remember this, the same mistrust you see in meetings occurrs almost at the same level outside of AA. I was ripped off for a hundred bucks recently by a guy I’ve known at the gym for over 20 years. Don’t loan money to anyone unless you don’t expect to get paid back. And don’t borrow money unless you absolutely out of desperation have to, and if you do, pay it back promptly, or sooner if you can.


    2. I had this happen to me where I went up to the guy every time I saw him and held my hand out and said”Where’s my money?” I got all $700.00 back. I brought two guys with me everytime I did it.This was with a Korean mob guy. I had no idea when he ripped me off he was a part of the Korean Mob.


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