Have You Been Sexually Harassed by an Alcoholics Anonymous Oldtimer?

harassment cartooon

You can sue them civilly in court, sue AA WSO and sue the building where it takes place. PLease please out these men in public and if you need help contact us.

6 thoughts on “Have You Been Sexually Harassed by an Alcoholics Anonymous Oldtimer?

  1. I am seeking help in a matter concerning a daughter I now have after being in AA for less than 2 months by a male AA sponsor. Custody is going into litigation since my husband whom I was married to at the time, has filed for adoption. Please contact me at alynn8208@aol.com.


    1. I hope we can talk. What city are you in. I know some lawyers in some states. Depends. Lets talk. I sent you my email and my phone number.
      This is just a horror story. SO sorry.


  2. Can I sue them for brainwashing a vulnerable 22 year old by making him believe he had an “incurable, chronic and fatal disease” thereby causing him to waste decades of precious time listening to that crap over and over instead of building his life and career? Me.


      1. I think is everyone who has been harmed by AA just began filing for sexual assault, harassment, scamming, now murder, wrongful death, wrongful practicing of medicine ( AA sponsors giving medical advice) the tide would change.

        Why do people think you cant sue AA. You can. GO ahead. Make my day. Sue AA.

        They have millions in NY. You can sue AA locally in a big City.


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