Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an AA Member?

Posted on December 11, 2012

The time to come forward is now.

There are two News Reporters, one at a Major network and another who has contacted a Journalist working behind the scenes on the problems really going on in AA and how women are being treated.

Many have contacted me directly on my other blogs.

Either way if you have been hurt and are willing to speak they want to talk to you. Please contact me at info@mysaferecovery.com.

You might also want to know that AA is being sued and it is a very strong case. There is finally an ATTORNEY in Los Angeles who will do it and she understands the LAW and how AA tried to wiggle around and under it with its ridiculous traditions.

Please if you know someone who has been harmed and they are  ready to talk, please  give them my information.

Please help stop the silence that has been going on in 12 step for ever….no women needs to be murdered, raped, molested and sexually harassed by AA men ever again. Stop The Silence…


18 thoughts on “Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an AA Member?

  1. Dr Joey- Hi and Welcome!
    Thank you for the information. We are going to go to local City Hall Meetings and make people aware in Culver City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles in the new year.


  2. There is going to be an AA Safety “workshop” put on by the two Districts in Lexington, KY AA. I found this out very recently. I was also told that this workshop is in reaction to a woman being raped locally by another member. People I know also know the identities of the rapist and the victim, and went so far as to tell me I’ve been in a meeting with the rapist and probably know him as well; but they hide behind the misused concept of anonymity and will not tell me or anyone else who this person is. It appears though that the idea of CYA for safety is becoming more visible. I am hoping some good can come of it, at least the idea of there being a problem is starting to surface.


  3. By the way, Panda, thanks for the link to the site about sociopaths. I recommend that people in AA read that because a sociopath can target A LOT of women in AA. It’s good to have facts. I knew a sociopath in AA who is now a registered sex offender.


    1. i know a lady with h.i.v. who sleeps with as many guys as possible. she’s bringing the whole band wagon down with her. very very true. been reported and no proof as the guys in aa na knows she has the virus and they go ahead anyways


      1. Actually, these are STATE OFFENSES, which is a good thing because by the time the Feds get around to investigating, a number of people would have died. (My sister is an attorney and all of her cases lately have been in Federal Court. She said their behavior hadn’t improved since since she was an Executive Asst. DA). However, as violations of STATE law, we can raise some Hell with our elected officials, especially the state’s Attorneys General (that’s really the way it looks as a plural). I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know whether my state’s AG was elected with the gov’s slate or subsequently appointed to the post. We all have more pull with local and state governments.


    1. when i had about 3 years this couple were looking for single rich guys. she was a looker and groomed by her trainer fresh out of a treatment program. they finally asked for a few hundred thousand to buy land to grow grapes. yep! cons all. do not do any biz with these travelling predators.


  4. “A psychopath can be charming, fun, romantic, spontaneous, passionate and sweet in the beginning of a relationship. The reality, however, is a relationship without any genuine feelings–at least on the psychopath’s side–founded on deceit and plagued by countless lies and infidelities.” HORRIFIC! I encountered these “Its” in AA as they are not fully formed human beings.


  5. For me it has become more and more important to “educate” women and men of psycho/sociopaths. Here is a GREAT link describing ” why” a sociopathic person pursues sex is predatory without conscience and yet “appears ” charming and nice. AA and other 12 Step Programs, sadly are the place where these types can find the easiest people to prey on…UNLESS they are educated about this behavior. This is now one of my number one goals, so that people can begin to understand this very real disorder in 3-4% of our population with a higher concentration being in the 12 Step rooms for obvious reasons.


    Couple the fact that psychopaths are very impulsive and hedonistic with the fact that they seek to maximize their dominance over women and what you often get is sexual addiction. Sex is a psychopath’s preferred method of combining pleasure, deception, conquest and dominance. This is why, as we’ve seen in my previous post on the relationship boomerang, psychopaths tend to rotate and recycle women. They shift energy and prioritize one, then another; they return to former girlfriends once they get bored with the new ones. In a popular article, Dr. Gail Saltz responded to a letter from a married man who bragged about his duplicity and manipulation of countless women. He writes:
    “Dear Dr. Saltz, I can’t get enough of women. I have to look at every woman who walks by. I watch porn, I flirt, I keep in touch with past girlfriends, I make new ones, I browse for women online. I get up to 30 e-mails a day from women. Once I have seduced them online, they are dying to meet me and usually sleep with me on the first date. Then I find the simplest flaw and use that against them to break it off. They are devastated. They feel I have used them sexually, and they are right. The kicker is that I am married. My wife is great, beautiful, intelligent and we have a good sex life. I am 41. We have been together for 25 years. I, however, still have a constant rotation of new women. I just can’t stop seducing other women and having sex with them. Nor do I want to, because I am having the time of my life.”
    The only thing that bothers this man turns out to be the inconvenience it poses for his job. He claims that he takes three hours a day to write women. He also calls those “higher on the rotation.” He emails women again for three hours at night, after his wife goes to bed. Then he hunts on the Internet for new targets. Needless to say, he doesn’t feel guilty towards his wife or any of the other women he misleads. Nor does he believe that he has a problem or sex addiction. His reasoning is quite impressive: consuming what you enjoy can’t possibly be an addiction. He boasts:
    “I have slept with an untold number of women. I would not call it an addiction because I like it so much and it makes me happy to meet them, seduce them, sleep with them and, yes, even break up with them. This week I will hit my all-time record of sleeping with 13 different women. They are all beautiful, intelligent and successful, and they all think we will live happily ever after. They have no idea that I am sleeping with so many other women, let alone married. I know hurting them emotionally is bad. I just can’t stop. To me it is all fair game as long as it is consensual.”
    This man’s definition of addiction is only outdone by his impressive moral reasoning. According to him, lying to, misleading and cheating on women can’t possibly be wrong as long as it’s “consensual.” One wonders how many of those women “consented” to being used and deceived by him. Imagine your boyfriend kissing you, then looking into your eyes and telling you how much he loves you and that you’re the only woman for him. It sounds very nice and fills you with feelings of love and devotion. Then imagine him doing exactly the same thing with another woman an hour before meeting with you and with a third woman an hour afterwards. Somehow, his kisses and vows of love no longer seem quite as meaningful. In fact, once you see the whole picture of the psychopath’s behavior, all the so-called “positive” aspects of the relationship lose meaning.
    Unfortunately, women involved with psychopaths don’t usually get to see the whole picture. Like the man in this scenario, their husbands or boyfriends carry on behind their backs and routinely deceive them. Yet, to return to my previous point, wouldn’t “consent” imply knowing all the relevant facts to reach an informed decision? Apparently, not according to this self-professed Don Juan. The only thing that matters him is the fact that he enjoys seducing, deceiving and dumping women. He elaborates:
    “For me, it is not simply the sex, it is the seduction, and the mental games and pleasure I receive from this. To seduce a women to the point where she really wants to have sex with me is very stimulating to me. It is like I have scored a touchdown in the last few seconds of the Superbowl. I have gotten so good at the aftergame as well that I make only one call or e-mail. You are not what I was looking for, please don’t write me anymore. I never hear from them again. I find myself so manipulative it scares me sometimes. Can you please give me some insight into what is going on?”
    Dr. Saltz hits the nail on the head when she responds:
    “I think you are a sex addict and a sociopath. What you describe is sexual addiction. Like any addict, you have a feedback loop that provides you with positive reinforcement every time you make a conquest—hence your comparison to a winning touchdown in the big game… What is so very disturbing is your complete lack of guilt, remorse or empathy for the other parties involved. You know intellectually that this is bad behavior, because you are aware you are betraying your spouse and hurting all the other woman you deal with. Yet it seems that you understand this only on a purely observational level. It sounds as though you have no capacity for emotion. You lack any ability to hold yourself morally accountable for your dishonest and harmful actions. You are easily able to rationalize hurting and mistreating others, whether they are strangers or relatives. In fact, you take pleasure in it. Hence, I also think you are a sociopath, with an utter lack of concern and regard for others.”
    I’m not sure what or if the psychopath answered her back. I suspect, however, that he couldn’t care less about her diagnosis or anyone else’s assessment of him, at least in so far as it’s negative. But I think it’s important to be aware of the whole picture: the lure of the psychopath as well as his pathetic reality. The bait he offers women is a picture of perfect romance, ideal love and happiness. A psychopath can be charming, fun, romantic, spontaneous, passionate and sweet in the beginning of a relationship. The reality, however, is a relationship without any genuine feelings–at least on the psychopath’s side–founded on deceit and plagued by countless lies and infidelities.


  6. http://www.thebusinessmuse.com/mediablog/?p=752 Speaking of Recovery, here is a link on “Recovering From a Sociopath” which is what most sexual predators are. They have no conscience, which is the definition of sociopathy, or they would not be able to repeatedly commit the acts that they do. I urge all women who have been victimized in 12 Step Programs to study sociopathy, just googling will help you, so that you can identify these people sooner rather than later. If have been a target and have been harmed by this pathology, then remember that others have been through this and the trauma feeling is normal from this abnormal situation with that individual and you can and will recover, read and study as much as you can to help yourself and reach out to others like myself, or people on other blogs to be validated as the average person will have a hard time reconciling the sociopath and what you have been through. hugs all! 🙂 e. PS Little did I know upon entering AA I would become an expert on sociopaths by the time I was done 🙂 I just want to help others avoid the trauma I experienced if possible.


  7. http://www.naturalnews.com/036112_sociopaths_cults_influence.html

    At this link here, this man did and amazing job on his “10 Points to Spot a Sociopath” which I have been dealing with. He also discusses these characters within cults promoting themselves as ” Gurus” or ” Spiritual Healers” when they are really charismatic nut jobs, which is what Joe Bourke is and several others. Anyway, it is great to see articles trying to help the general public so maybe they can learn about this and not get hurt the way I and so many others have been and will continue to be. My goal at this point is just to continue to hold Joe accountable and to educate primarily other women to help save them from serious damage or worse. Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless 🙂 e.


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