Were You 13 Stepped “AA Alcoholics Anonymous Style” by Doug Allman in Hawaii in the1970’s or by Someone like him?

doug allman

In the 1970’s there was an AA member named Doug Allman age 26 in Kailua, Hawaii who 13 stepped many young woman. I was 18 and barely aware of what AA and its culty culture was all about. I was one of many young woman he 13 stepped over the next decade or two. So,  were you one of the 500 or so woman sexually harassed by him? He played guitar, sang Kenny Loggins songs, drove a black convertable, had  long wavy brown hair,  a beard,  could massage you while you discussed the Big Book, he knew the program in and out and he worked for a Drug rehab program in Honolulu. Although in his early years he was not highly educated, it was later he got his degree. SO in the early years he used the fact that he in was in AA/NA to throw his weight around. Basically no dates for free sex for mr AA. Better know as the non relationship man.

He would make friends with newcomer women coming out of St Francis Women Alcohol Treatment Center in Honolulu. He would move them into his place for about 6 weeks, get sick of them then throw them out when he was done with them.

He was a user. Many oldtimers knew what he was doing. A few confronted him. Most blamed the young women and asked them the stupid AA question of the year. “What’s your part in it”. Looking back now, I realized I was 18 …he was 26. He was 5 years sober. I had 2 weeks. I knew nothing about AA.

38 years later I realize I had no part in it. I was young. I was naive. I wanted to hang out with people who didn’t drink. WHAT A PRICE TO PAY. I should have become a Muslim or a Buddhist. Oh well.

If you were 13 stepped by him or any man or women back in the 1970’s and 80’s, or any time in this century, by a person who was well respected, had 5 or more years clean time/sober, was older then you were, we would love to hear your story, how you coped and how you are today. Oh yea, and have you too left AA/NA.

There is a Documentary Film dealing with this subject in the making. There is also a journalist interested in any stories to be told. Up front, close and personal….no hiding in the shadows anymore . No anonymous Bullshit anymore. No using the AA name to play these games of harassment and sexual predation under the radar of made up spirituality.

11 thoughts on “Were You 13 Stepped “AA Alcoholics Anonymous Style” by Doug Allman in Hawaii in the1970’s or by Someone like him?

  1. I found this site tonight. I am now trying to not cry, at least until after my kiddos get to bed. It was so many years ago. I was just a child when I got caught experimenting with drugs. My parents did not know what to do. Off to rehab I went then to the halls. I met some great caring people in the program. Then I met him. I was a 15 year old virgin and he was a 36 year old predator. The rest of the story is as you might figure. I am now in my 40s and thinking about what that man did all brings tears to my eyes


    1. hi Maimemommakes- now that is a long screen name ! Welcome ! Im very very sorry. We would love to hear that story and get the word out, but I bet you have a life now. I hope you do and that finding us and this site makes you know that AA must be exposed and that it can no longer hide these predators. Come see us at http://www.leavingaa.com if you want. or Listen to shows on blogtalkradio Safe Recovery.


    2. Check this out you piece of shit,,,,why did you let him continue all this ,,,wonder how many you might have from your fate ,,,you weak ,,,patheitc,,,,no good low down,,,,i hope you choke on the sorrow of all the other 15 yr old’s,,,you handed over to that piece of shit ,,,and i hope you suffer every day


      1. My apologies,
        I did not write that statement above, my best friend Gregg did and he has been by my side while I have been going through this doing research on this thirteenth step stuff. It has not been easy at all . I was blindsided with no knowledge that this step even existed. I am a Woman who is in Recovery in N/A, sexual abuse since infancy and my addiction left me with Manic Mental Health issue’s, I am tone deaf and can’t hear much of anything. I am a trusted servant who runs the Woman’s Stag every other Saturday in a place that combines A/A and N/A. Wow, that is a hard one to swallow. What those words really say about the perpetrator. Preying on a disabled lady like that and the fact that I have not destroyed anything during this process really speaks volume to where I am today. What I did do was get into a solution. I have awareness pamphlets being mailed to distribute. I will go everywhere and anywhere I can think of to prevent this from happening again to someone else. I even wrote my own twelve steps rebuttal and will post it all over my home groups walls. Whats the worst they can do, take them down. At this I will Balk! The pamphlets will stay, I will not run away either like they think I have. I will run my meeting, I will share my story and I will hand out information. They Know me as Gee Gee and now I can re-introduce myself as “GeeGee13”. I am totally going to have some fun with this trust and believe that. Got to have fun in recovery right:).

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  2. OMG! I called her she knows him. She went to St. Francis to recover too, in the 80’s…He was there. What a loser. Just goes to prove these old predators just don’t quit do they? YEARS of this cr@p. This is why I call them murderers as how many women took their own lives after being used while they were vlnerable and were horrified and traumatized? Did HE care? How many left the program hopeless after being demoralized and lost their lives? Or did he spread AIDS like my as$ Joe Bourke in Costa Mesa and irreparable damage women? Beautiful women fighting for their lives that MAY have had a future with their families and creating their own families? Wow. 🙂 And guess what? AA Sheeple KNEW about it…And kept letting this sick old bast@rd sit there and do it over and over again. As far as my Joe? No way. He is being outted, I think 20 years of these idiots defending this destructive, abusive, sick, immoral , criminal behavior? When it comes to me? I am DONE! Who would of thought a “new comer” ( myself LOL! 🙂 ) was smarter than these idiots? If it saves one woman’s life it is worth it. I am sooooooo sick of these men. And I see a lot of them.

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    1. group conscious …

      what a bunch of AA crap It worked in my old women’s group but any further up the AA bullshit ladder…it doesn’t get on the agenda unless it fits their agenda.

      AA didn’t save your life…you did. A bottle of alcohol never opened itself and poured itself down my throat. We pick it up and drink it or not. Its our choice. AA is not GOD…


  3. I have an older lady I know that was in Hawaii for years at that time in AA, I will ask her. Now, think about my guy who is here in Orange County CA, who also has HIV and is doing this to women has for years in 4 programs and exhibits sociopathic tendencies and becomes threatening and never shows remorse EVER? My role a this point is to try and stop other women from becoming victimized and traumatized by Joe Bourke.


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