Man sues psychotherapist for drug relapse following sexual exploitation

Posted on January 6, 2013

New blogger I leftalready just wrote this link  on blog and I think it is very important for everyone to see. More people need to sue for this.

CHICAGO (CN) – A drug abuser claims in court that he suffered a relapse after his female counselor invited him to her house and had sex with him on the day he was discharged.

Michael Fleming and his wife sued Stacy Lott and Gateway Foundation in Cook County Court.

Fleming claims he was treated for three weeks this year at the Gateway Foundation for drug and cocaine dependence.

His counselor, Lott, “was a ‘psychotherapist’ pursuant to the Sexual Exploitation in Psychotherapy Act,” a state law, according to the complaint. He claims that “the defendant, Stacy Lott, was providing ‘psychotherapy’ to the plaintiff”.

Fleming says he “asked the defendant, Stacy Lott, if he could get another psychotherapist/counselor due to the fact that she was attractive, and it was a distraction for him.”

“During the aforesaid conversation, the defendant Stacy Lott, stated that she found him attractive as well, but that she wished to remain his counselor, because she thought she could help the plaintiff, Michael Fleming.”

Lott remained Fleming’s counselor and told him that his wife, Lisa Aprati, was “‘too controlling’ and bad for his recovery,” Fleming says in the complaint.

He claims that Lott also “would escort the plaintiff, Michael Fleming, outside for a cigarette break and while returning would ask him for a hug and a kiss, which then occurred.”

“Stacy Lott asked the plaintiff, Michael Fleming, to stay at her apartment the night of February 8, 2012, which was his discharge date from the Gateway Foundation’s inpatient treatment program,” the complaint states.

“Plaintiff, Michael Fleming, did stay at defendant Stacy Lott’s apartment on the night of February 8, 2012, and they had sexual relations.”

Since then, Fleming says, he “has been required to undergo counseling, and he has suffered a relapse in his attempts to deal with his cocaine and alcohol dependency, and he has expended sums of money for counseling, has lost time from his employment, and he has lost other gains he otherwise would have realized.”

He claims the Gateway Foundation knew Lott had inappropriate relationships with patients and did nothing to protect its patients.

He seeks damages for sexual exploitation, negligent supervision, and psychotherapist malpractice.

He is represented by Edmund Scanlan.

(Psychotherapists are M.D.s and/or Ph.Ds. Lott is not referred to as a doctor in the complaint.)

9 thoughts on “Man sues psychotherapist for drug relapse following sexual exploitation

  1. PS And she said ” I am going to the police” and I said “based on what???” His words I gues, made up words. But then I said ” Don’t worry, they already know about him…they know he is a predator especially due to his proclivity for addicted prostitues in our community…” That SHUT “Ms. Sobriety” DEFENDING ” MR. Guru Predator” Up 🙂 God….Knowing you are right and on the right side of the fence? What the F is with these idiot women? She may have had more sobriety than myself…But God could I see soooo much more clearly. She is a danger to any new comer women that are abused, some of who I was taking care of that is why I went back and I told this stupid b*tch that, time she was reminded again 🙂 Let’s go to the Irvine “Coming Home” Meeting Massive 🙂 This stupid woman needs to learn how to not PROTECT ABUSERS! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE IN AA AND SHE IS TOOOO FU*KING STUPID TO SEE THEM! 🙂 Raging at me for nothing” What a total , total idiot Gwen Stone is. peace out, e.


  2. Let me give you guys another example, in Irvine there is a 5:30pm meeting in AA called the ” On the way home”…It is in the meeting schedule. This nut job called Gwen Stone, she sets up the chairs, is the Secretary ? Leader..whatever she is. Well, one day…After laying low for a month and just coming from the AIDS clinic to see whether or not sociopath Joe Bourke had infected me or not….And still suffering the psychopathic abuse but feeling ” ok” that day……( He is their Guru..The sexual Predator)…I walk in calmly in work clothes, emotionally calm…And everyone in the room, except a few men and old timers that don’t buy his BS and ALLL OF THEM LOOKED AT ME FUNNY! LOL! 🙂 Joe was there and I was late so I just missed his “share” …I have no idea what the F he said…None of it true of course I am sure, but this b*tch on wheels comes RUNNING up to me…Keep in mind I have NO IDEA…what has just happened and she starts screaming that I am ” Psycho and CRAZY and she is calling the police! ” Uh really? 🙂 I state to her ” and waht are your grounds lets go?” That threw her off….She then says ” IIIII HAVE KNOWN HIM FOR 9 YEARS! ” ….Uh ok, but I am almost 40 and he is in his 50s and what does AA and her have to do with my HIV status, our lives, his furniture at my house our families anything whatsoever for the past years!?!?!?!? So then she starts a text war…Threatening a Restraining Order? LOL! And I say to her ” ok, so what are your grounds? ” ..”Let’s go ..I will go any day of the week”…What this idiot of a woman does not “get” at this point, is that if I were ever to walk into a court Joseph is the one going down and I was deciding what to do with MY legal rights at that point ..But was advise by Psychs that were helping me that this would inflame him as he is nuts and so…Was just taking my time…And here comes this RAGING idiot woman….SO SURE OF HERSELF! I was sooooooooo PISSED! I went back the next few days on purpose and lead the meetings calmly and with dignity and had to straighten her out a few times…But despite her purported spirituality and her “Program” This bitch has NEVER made amends for trying to protect my abuser…God, there is more to this story with that nutball woman as well….I will post it. But WHERE ON EARTH! DO THESE “WOMEN” (no offense to REAL women ) get off? And this was a chic that I was paying to meet me at the Gym a month before, with no issues , hugging me everything was cool…She listens to psychopath Joe Bourkes rant and the next thing wants to put me in prison whether is is dangerous to rile him up for my safety, whether or not he is lying , which he was, NO respect as I told her ” Is it YOUR BODY? YOUR MIND? YOUR LIFE? YOUR FAMILY?” Stupid bitch. I had ZERO communication with her between everything being cool and him lying …And the next thing, she’s ranting and raving like a lunatic and I have no idea why..Except for what sociopath ” said”….*deep sigh*……These people are something else. She totally f*cked his life though as I am pretty amazing woman and shortly after her bitch involvement he lost his truck I was helping pay for and TONS of business and his life went south…SO I FB her and THANKED her for that as what a stupid, stupid woman she is. Oh BUT SHE HAS KNOWN HIM IN AA FOR 9 YEARS! I responded ” So how many women have you helped him hurt and give HIV? ” That shut her up. Still, no amends from this so called “spiritual b*tch! ” LOL! I am going back there with the Safer AA stuff with Massive to call her out. Who the F did she think she is? Just makes me angry thinking about it. *ugh* Loving , kind AA people like her supposed to “help others” well, people have lives, kids, health , families OUTSIDE of AA which is what they are fighting for right? This stupid b*tch? Because she is in there? Wants to “rip it apart” as she thinks this is right. What a disaster this idiot is for all of us.


  3. 12 Step Programs have destroyed a lot of realtionships that are VITAL to a persons well being, future, family health and support. These people go OVER THE TOP and yet…Where are they when the person goes hime at night or becomes ill or can’t pay the bills or has to live a REAL LIFE? Yes, rip apart there rimary relationship. That’s healthy. Bunch of nut jobs.


  4. This is sooo AA, Al-Anon:

    “told him that his wife, Lisa Aprati, was ‘too controlling’ and bad for his recovery,”.

    And the mind fuck continues as they attempt to pull the relationship apart by way of making “recovery” the most important aspect of a persons life. You can’t be good for the spouse unless you stay clean and you can’t stay clean with that spouse. Of course in this situation the counselor is brainwahsing the victim. In other words, she and AA are wonderful and the man’s wife is sick.


    1. SallyJ- I agree 100%! This is a perfect example of how sick it all is. In a way , I think it’s good a man is suing. I know it happens to me too.


  5. Holy shit this is so sick on so many levels. A well trained, healthy counselor would NEVER do any of this. However, a counselor under the brainwashing of the 12 steps would. The ethical breaches are nothing short of criminal. This makes me sick. She is no doubt a 12 step true believer.

    This is just the reason the 12 step disciples claim that therapy does not help as much as their beloved Programme. Of course, with people like Stacy Lott as their example, they are justified in thinking this. Their argument that their Programme is ‘free’ is further evidence that the ‘group’ is better than individual therapy. Thankfully, there are competent, well-trained, ethical non-12 step therapists available for those who find individual therapy helpful. Do not discount the help available based on what those 12 step disciples deduce based on this one story. Good counselors do NOT become personally involved with a client in any way whatsoever. Good counselors do not even except gifts from clients. Good counselors do not talk about an attraction to a client with the client. Good counselors talk about counter transference within the clients feelings and only talks of their own feelings with a supervisor or personal therapist. Stacy Lott is NOT a therapist since she is more in need of help than her clients. Strip her of her credentials immediately. She’s done.

    This story serves as an excellent example of how women can and do exploit men in 12 step environments, just as men do women. No matter the gender, 12 step devotees cannot be trusted to help anyone in any way whatsoever. They have been taught that all their demented behavior is not their responsibility but the responsibility of powerlessness and a disease … A disease based on a deeply flawed concept of rubbish and avoidance. The Gateway foundation is, of course, responsible and will be held accountable. The place should be shut down.

    One issue not mentioned in this article is Michael Fleming’s responsibility to report Stacy Lott as soon as she asked for a hug and kiss, as reported in this article. The fact that he did not tell her to fuck off, did not follow through, and did not report her is his responsibility. In the 12 step dogma, they are told that they are powerless and full of moral shortcomings and therefore … Not responsible for their choices. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Flemming is responsible for his decisions. His choice was to hug and kiss her and then go to her home and have sex with her. The obvious attempt in this article to minimize his culpability in his choices should not go unnoticed. “Plaintiff, Michael Fleming, did stay at defendant Stacy Lott’s apartment on the night of February 8, 2012, and they had sexual relations.”
    He made the choice to stay with her and have sex with her. I certainly hope his wife is holding him responsible for this choice since he was not forced into having sex with another woman. He is a grown man.

    However, this does not relieve the Gateway foundation and Stacy Lott of their responsibility. His lawyer, Edmund Scanlan, should have no trouble getting him the settlement he deserves. Additionally, his wife should have no trouble nailing him to the wall, (pun intended), for his infidelity. If he would have reported Stacy when she initially acted unethically, he could have saved himself a lot of pain and anguish. Then again, the brainwashing of the 12 steps does not support healthy boundaries. No, the 12 steps only support how to take advantage of others and how to avoid responsibility for despicable choices. Thank you for letting me share.


    1. cougar -I am not in complete agreement with your choice of words nor judgement of the victim. Either he is a victim or he is not.
      If he was a woman who was new and vulnerable and preyed on by her therapist or rehab counselor would she not be still vulnerable? I think she would. So now you are saying there is a double standard if the victim is a man. Is that correct?

      cougarblogger said “He made the choice to stay with her and have sex with her. I certainly hope his wife is holding him responsible for this choice since he was not forced into having sex with another woman.”

      This statement sounds very Stepper like and judgmental once again. I disagree with you on this point. The rest of your post I agree, but this is the shit that happens in AA , NA and rehabs ALL DAY LONG!
      Including rapes….what were you wearing, why was your dress so short, why did you go alone.
      What she did was so fucking wrong….you know it ….I know it. Sue their ass and let the flood tides open wide.


      1. It’s not necessary for everyone to completely agree with anyone else just as it is not necessary for you to completely agree with me. My opinion is just as valid as yours. I am not blaming the victim in any way, shape, or form. I am simply stating that each party has a personal responsibility in all conflict and no one person is to blame in totality. The AA way of ‘finding ones part’ is all about blaming the victim. I am not using personal responsibility in this way. Also, it is very combative of you to say to another person, “and you know it.” That is very “my way or the highway” of you. Lighten up.

        Just like no person is ‘powerless’ over taking a drink of alcohol, neither is any person ‘powerless’ over their counselors judgment and actions. However, as an AA devotee, people are taught that their best thinking got them there and therefore they are more likely to avoid any responsibility for their actions. However, no one is forced into willingly having sex with another person. If she raped him, that would be a different story. That is not the case as it is reported.

        Blaming the victim happens in all walks of life, not just in 12 step culture. Of course the actions on the part of the counselor were wrong. She and the institution in which she works should be held accountable as i state above. This still does not mean that the man is completely free of responsibility. He was not forced to do anything. I believe any wife would see the point I am making here. Whether or not you must either completely agree or 100% disagree with others opinions is your problem, not mine.

        It seems as if your reactionary objections may be due to personal issues with choice as opposed to force. It also seems as if your need to correct others with whom you do not agree with 100% gets in the way of your objectivity. You may want to read the entire post again … Even after the point you chose to focus on as ‘wrong.’ Perhaps after, “he is a grown man.” Also, it is certainly not blaming the victim to point out choices if the person had one, which in this case, he most certainly did as he was not raped.

        There are many many cases where a victim is both victimized and a perpetrator. People who get into trouble like this often have very low self esteem and confidence and are lured in by a so-called expert. It’s not about blame but about personal responsibility in order to prevent repeating the same behavior. Hysterical emotionality can often get in the way of objectivity.


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