Bellingham man, 64, charged with molesting girl at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting-Breaking NEWS-Whatcom County Jail report for March 5, 2013

Posted on March 11, 2013

aa meeting pic

“ITS an outside issue”……This is what we heard all the time when we brought our MAKE AA SAFER PAMPHLET to meetings to get discussions started to raise awarenesss.

NEWS FLASHthis toddler was molested in a meeting. I am so sorry for these children. How many more children need to be molested by AA men in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

read the full story :


8 thoughts on “Bellingham man, 64, charged with molesting girl at Alcoholics Anonymous meeting-Breaking NEWS-Whatcom County Jail report for March 5, 2013

  1. hi Karen and welcome! I am so sorry for your loss. There are things we can do to change this. One of these things is law suits against AA so they are forced to make safety changes. I wrote you privately . This is so sick and so messed up. Again I am very sorry for your loss. Im happy to know you are willing to speak out.


  2. homicide too. i have tangled with the b ham group .

    bny said, on March 4, 2014 at 1:56 pm
    My friend met, and fell in love with a man in a outpatient program . He murdered her, choked her to death in her sleep, and tossed her naked body in a pond . I know this, because I was the manager at the sober living house that he lived in.
    I had called his probation officer three days prior, and reported that he was drinking and seemed “off” His eyes had changed in a way that was scary. I wanted him out of the house, he was dangerous. Probation responded with , ” “we will re locate him to another house on Monday. Your house is not a good fit for him.””
    That weekend, he murdered my friend in cold blood after I walked him out of my house with a 44m. He had broken into my home and was standing in my sleeping granddaughters bedroom watching her sleep. He was angry at me for reporting him to probation, and telling him he had to move out of the sober living house, because he had been drinking, using and panhandling in the city.
    He met my friend, in a meeting. He had 3 felony warrants out of another State nobody said anything about. One for battery the other for arson. I have also survived a AA marriage and divorce with a Narcissistic Abuser. During the divorce , the local groups supported the smear campaign of my abuser. I was shunned in meetings. Sponcee’s fired me. The phone literally stopped ringing while my abuser strutted around the rooms with the newcomer he had been having an affair with professing his love for her, and slandering my name.
    Washington State. Whatcom County.
    RIP Rubey H.


    1. OMG Karen, that is horrible. You did what you could, and he struck before he could be moved. Yours instincts were right. We need more people exposing these type of stories. So very sorry for your loss.

      After the murder how did the local AA group deal with that? Violence by AA and NA members Website


      1. so true anti D. Tahnk you for your website and following and reporting all the stories as they happen too! I will get to meet karen I hope in the next few weeks.


  3. Not surprising, the jails open the doors and “pour them in” that and they “brain wash” everyone in to abnormal sharing of their personal lives when you have NO IDEA who is listening and going to use it against you. Women, if you want to Recover, go to women’s meetings only at least there it is not so bad, I am so sick of Predators in AA and the idiots (men and women ) who try to practice psychiatry without a license just because they stopped having a drink, makes them experts of NOTHING medical pr psychological without a license. Just because you want to stop drinking, does not mean you should be in a dangerous place listening to idiots. There are a core group of good people anywhere, even in AA…but if you are compromised by addiction and their dogma, you may not be thinking straight and become a victim of many of the idiots that are there. Be safe.


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