Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are filled with Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals and 13 stepping Old timers

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WARNING! If  you did not know this fact:

  • The Courts are sending these men to AA and NA
  • The sexual predator is coming to AA and NA and are targeting vulnerable new woman
  • Old timers are sexually harassing woman and teens. ( DO NOT SEND YOUR TEEN TO AN AA MEETING) try SMART RECOVERY, SOS, or instead. It’s safer.
  • There is no one in charge at any 12 step meeting
  • There is no trained facilitator at any meeting ( even though in some TV shows and FILMS they depict AA to be this way….its NOT!)
  • A sponsor is just a lay person. They have no training. They may be nuts. They maybe a thief. They may be nice. They may be a rapist. They may be a thief.
  • We are getting many complaints about controlling abusive sponsors  and many are leaving now because of this.
  • A young persons meeting is the same as any other meeting. Its just a name. Do not trust anyone with your under age minor.
  • If you are a woman with small children do not trust an AA man with your toddlers. There are many pedophiles in AA now.


A GOOD RULE : TREAT AA and NA people like you would any other stranger. Do not give them a pass because they are sober in AA and preach a good talk. Do not trust them sooner then you would someone you meet in a grocery store. AA and NA members are not more spiritual then some knucklehead you might meet on the street.

30 thoughts on “Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are filled with Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals and 13 stepping Old timers

  1. I agree. It seems to me that in those 12 step rooms you run into people who are looking for sex. Doesn’t matter if your straight or gay either. I wouldn’t recommend a person in recovery to go to any 12 step meetings. Use alternatives. I was treated like a piece of meat. And I was treated horribly. I would reach out for help from a woman who had many years of sobriety but she basically didn’t want to be bothered, so what did she do? She told me to go & talk to someone else. This, is typical AA behavior. A good majority of these people are such jerks. They act all high & mighty, they are quick to talk down to you instead of offering kind support. So glad I left.


  2. AA Was always a cult religion full of misfits & criminals mixed in with better others.
    I don’t like the way the fellowship has gone since the 1980’s. It has too many dangerous individuals now thanx to the wonderful US court systems who DUMP
    these folks into AA, a “get out of jail” card and believe me, most are not seeking sobriety & repentance. I take my sobriety very seriously, but AA has gotten the reputation of being the world’s largest walk-in nut house. Yes I am taking your inventory AA!!


  3. HI DP- The things AA members say are sometimes criminal. TO blame the victim, Although very common in AA is insane. Call the police. Get real support and move on from a so called support group that covers up rape and child molesting.


    1. Massive
      I can not speak to any specific experience that you may have because obviously each group within any given 12 step program is by definition autonomous. I can only relate my personal first hand experiance.

      I do understand your resentment and it sounds passionate. I’m sorry for any harm you’ve had to bare. My experience has included a good portion of both unparalleled help as well as harm. I’ve attended meetings in different countries, and states as well as multiple fellowships. There was a time in my experience when a 12 step fellowship was the only help available. Now there are many avenues to find the help necessary.

      I just hate to see a blanket prejudice leveyed against them all. The members of 12 step groups are not professionals and they can only relate personal experiance in regard to abstinence and remission from active addiction.

      Anyone purporting to be more than that or unwilling to disclose personal information on a one on one basis should be avoided. The rigorous honesty that the program speaks of is self honesty. Denigal is a powerful force in the life of an addict and many times their loved ones. It is for that reason that the necessary level of “honesty” requires a long period of time focused on introspection. This however should never be mistaken for victim blaming. Even though I may have been victimized, I personally can not look at myself as a victim because it does not serve me well.

      As I stated these are my personal experiences. I am in no way trying to invalidate yours or trying to sway anyone’s opinion. Pain is pain no matter how you cut it. I only pray that my perspective may somehow help alieviate someone’s unnecessary pain.


      1. One can look from within from other sources rather than any 12 step program . Hence program. It’s not healthy and when we finally get pass the denial , then it will be done . And people will Truely be free and aa won’t kill anymore.


    2. You being attacked or violated is a crime. Call the police and the hell with their anonomous position. Nothing is written in stone. That’s how the wackos get away with it.


  4. Na is a cult full of lunatics and sadistic freaks…yeah there may be decent members but the majority are damaged individuals who use their step 8 and 9 as a kop out to sexualy abuse newcomers. I won’t be going back it was started by a convicted paedophile on an ego trip.


      1. One of my first experiences with a predator in my area was having to go to the police station to give a statement concerning statutory rape against an immature young man who took advantage of an even more immature young woman who was new to the group. The instruction I was given by my sponsor with 35 plus years of experiance: “We give up our right to anonymoty the minute we break societies laws”. Being in recovery does not afford me special privileges. On the contrary, it requires special responsibility.


  5. Do you think you are the only sick person at a 12 step meeting? Everyone there is sick but most are working to get better. Clean time does not equal recovery. You have to watch people how they act not just what they say in meetings or how long they have been there. Narcotics Anonymous has over 65,000 meetings in 135 countries you don’t get that that large if you are not effective.


    1. Sick….really….that does not give you and people license to abuse positions of power and Time to prey on new people either.

      Your mentality shows the problem. I don’t care how big you think your NA is. I know for a fact that a women called your nA hotline and was raped by that man who answered the phone.

      I know for a fact the NAWS changed their derive structure to make things better? You do not get to HIDE your predatory behavior because you think you rae big. I think we already saw this with the Catholic Church. There are 1 billion Cathoilcs and still they were sued and taken on for their sexually predatory negligence, and they knew it. SO now NA and so now AA. Better start cleaning things up and creating policy and procedure to earn members andn THE PUBIC whoa re getting DUI court ordered there who is also sitting in the rooms an holding hands and asking them out to coffee with them.

      The Party is over Scott! THere are 6 other free secular options . Along with the use of Naltrexone for Moderation techniques with alcohol.

      More later..I have a life to live.


    2. @Scott:

      1. No, not everyone who becomes involved in a 12-Step program is ‘sick’- but I’d venture to say most if not all are Vulnerable- for one reason or another, in one way or another.
      So whether a person is ‘at rock-bottom’ from drugs/alcohol, a life problem, or anything else, they’re not necessarily in the best frame of mind to make an INFORMED decision or INFORMED judgments. Instead, a person may be desperate for answers, for help, for someone they can trust- and there are too many who exploit that desperation.

      2. Perhaps you’ve never encountered it, or may not want to acknowledge it, but the misuse of the word ‘trust’
      is quite common. I actually encountered it the first time from the individual who ‘introduced’ me to 12-Step programs- a pen-pal whom I’d never even met. And while to her credit she was a trustworthy person, many if not most who haul out this term are not. Instead, if you do not ‘trust’ total strangers with everything from your life history to your home and family and even your bank account information, you’re pounced on as ‘not being honest,’ ‘not working the program,’ and that you have ‘trust issues.’ In other words, there are many who believe they are exempt from basic common sense simply because they are members of a program.


  6. AA and the “13th step”
    The “13th step” is not at all common, especially in closed AA meetings and it does not deserve enough attention to take away from the heart and soul and true goodness of AA.
    AA meetings (most of them, by the way) are CLOSED to the public and they are posted as such… AA also has open meetings that are open to the public just as bars are open to the public. A USA court can only order a person to go to an open meeting because AA has a right to ask non-alcoholics to leave a closed meeting. The ONLY requirement for attending AA is a desire to stop drinking. If the leader of a meeting directs said meeting according to rules, regulations, and traditions, a “newcomer” would be asked if he or she has a desire to stop drinking. If the new person does not want to stop drinking, that person should be asked to leave a closed meeting. Sex offenders come from all walks of life and they have a serious mental disorder, albeit they do not get help or an audience at AA meetings and there is no place in AA for helping them any more than there is a place in AA for helping someone with cancer, other physical maladies, or any other mental illness. Not all alcoholics are criminals nor are all criminals suffering from alcoholism.
    Going on 20 years in the rooms of AA, I am forever grateful to AA. It works and it saves lives.
    Truly yours,
    Lee Nysted


  7. From the Leaving AA Website- Breaking NEWS

    Have you been 13th Stepped?
    Posted on April 4, 2014

    I’m a producer for CBS NEWS. We’re working on a story that focuses on safety issues coming out of contacts made at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. If you feel you’ve been harassed or “13thStepped” by someone you met at an AA meeting, I’d like to talk with you. Also, if you discovered that person was “court-mandated” to attend AA, please contact me.

    Please call me at (212) 975-5842, or email


  8. hi James and Welcome!

    AA people can not be trusted and she should not invite them into her home with out knowing them really well for at least a year and eaten with them in a restaurant , see how they act, ….

    Sex Offenders target women like this. WHY 6-10 meetings a week. No one needs that many meetings. When I was young and new we all went to about 3-4 a week . My sponsor said” balance is important. GO live your life. Go dancing, go to the movies , Have fun….AA has become a cultish group of meetings.

    ALso AA meetings do not have discussions. SO it creates a weird way of talking too.
    THis is not you….so what do you think?

    What brought you here to this sight!


  9. Hello.
    Everyone’s comments and reply’s are interesting an welcome. I have recently come across a situation of a divorced female who has two minor children. Ages 6 and 14 . The woman goes to perhaps as many as 6-10 meetings a week, plus hold’s one at her home when children are home in the evening. This writer’s opinion is that minor children should NEVER be expose to AA meetings if for no other reason than the long term psychological damage that overhearing and being exposed to AA’ personalities, complaints etc. KId’s ARE PRECIOUS and young for such a short time. The woman this writer feels is trying to justify her time consumption at and for AA meeting seeking new friends for her self and children. Woman does nothing but socialize with AA people . What “say” YOU? Thank you.


    1. I’m no fan of AA and related cults, but even within their pathological structure, kids with drinkers in the family should go to Alateen. A good credentialed therapist would serve these kids much better. (I’m a little picky, but I include Master Social Workers – MSW, ACSW, Clinical Psychologists [PhD or PsyD] and Clinical Psychiatrists (MD, Board-certified in [General Psychiatry] and Child and Adolescent Psych; we ALL have to pass the Boards in Psychiatry before being permitted to apply for Residencies in any of the sub-specialties.) EdDs, such as Dr Phil may be great when it comes to bullshit, but he is NOT licensed to practice psychotherapy. My Mom has an EdD in Curriculum & Teaching and a PhD in English [the Pedagogy of Composition; Poetry and Poetics]. She’s GREAT with troubled kids, but she always knew what she could and could not do. (A Deputy Supt’s power in pretty broad and she did some counseling, but she also reminded Guidance Counselors that they were licensed to do nothing but administer and interpret tests, such as the WAIS. Fortunately, working with colleagues at other hospitals, we were able to find qualified social workers, licensed to do therapy, for each of her schools. They weren’t Master Social Workers yet because if the experiential requirement for the ACSW, but we made an MSW and the therapist’s OWN state license a requirement. Like any good professional, she knew when to call me or a colleague for guidance just as I know that if a patient presents with very painful daily headaches, the next stop is a neurologist specializing in the Dx & Tx of chronic headaches. This shouldn’t happen to ANY doc, but I found a kid with a brain tumor because I insisted on a full work-up. I needed the XANAX this time; reading the radiologists reported and the scans caused me to have a Panic Attack Episode overlays on ann Acute Anxiety Attack Episode. Good thing my partners were in and know me well. One hit me with 20mg of IM Valium (brand name) and the other doubled the beta-blocker I usually take because I sounded like Poe’s “The Telltale Heart. They followed up with 2 x Xanax2mg (brand name – we don’t keep amen drugs at all in the office, but those that we have, because many of bentos are ALL brand name,)


    1. AA opens it’s doors to ANYTHING. AA has become a very dangerous organization especially since criminals of ALL KINDS are court ordered into AA. Abuse, rape, murder, extortion ect. None of them have to be accountable to ANYONE there. AA has become a snake pit.


      1. Hi Dennis- Thanks for posting. We agree and are working hard to get the word out and change things from the outside, but also from within the Criminal Justice System. That’s how deep it goes.


  10. I agree, AA or NA or CA meetings are no place for teens or children. I consider it child abuse to subject children to violent felons, sexual predators and having them listen to the horror stories.

    AA and NA are trying their best to nab kids and get them into the rooms. They are going to large conventions that are steered towards adolescent substance abuse topics and trying to convince professionals to send their teenage clients to 12 step meetings.


    1. antid- This makes me so mad too. AA made a cartoon to get teens to come. ANd they know the courts are sending sex offenders AGHHHHH WTF? So much needs to be done.

      I was in court today for Karla Brada ‘s murder trial again and I walked out to talk to a young man who the judge said ” so how are your meetings going?” I told him his rights and to watch his back, to not trust anyone and that He had rights and did he know about the 6 other free options besides AA. NO …he said. He didnt know any thing. I cant wait till we finish the pamphlet for DUI people.


      1. @Massive: I wasn’t sure exactly where on this site would be an appropriate place to post this, but my question is: why aren’t “rehabs” held to the same standards of “mandatory reporting” as other professionals?


  11. Hi, What a wonderful site. Young People’s meetings are NOT safe for minors. I got sober in my twenties and went to Young People’s meetings. There were many creepy old men there who obviously went to Thirteenth Step. I was never a victim because I was much too old! Parents should never send their children to an AA meeting alone… if they send them at all! There is no age cut off or accountability!!


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