The 13th Step | A film demanding safe recovery

ImageThe 13th Step – a feature documentary exposing the intimate truth about Alcoholics Anonymous, its historical underbelly, and how an “anonymous” environment has become the protected feeding ground for sexual predators and violent crimes.

Despite repeated warnings from respected board members and longtime members, this behavior goes unchecked by AA’s world headquarters. It is exacerbated by the sentencing of criminals and sex offenders to AA meetings without the knowledge of other AA members.

From our federal courts all the way down to our children’s cartoons, Alcoholics Anonymous has permeated our lives and filled us with supposed knowledge about alcohol abuse, rehab and recovery for over 60 years. 

But what exactly IS AA? What goes on within those meetings where alcoholics congregate and DUI offenders are forced to go as part of their criminal sentences?

Join us as we tackle society’s deep-rooted relationship with AA and discover exactly what goes on behind the veil of anonymity.

A personal letter from the filmmaker 

Dear friends,

All of us know someone affected by alcohol and drug overuse and dependency. Many of us have faced the struggle ourselves. When someone is struggling with alcohol, where is the first place people send them to get help?

Alcoholics Anonymous.

As a member of AA for over 36 years, I learned of unthinkable acts of betrayal and violent crimes – including the preying on women in their most vulnerable state – happening within the AA community under the guise of “anonymous.”

Despite my attempts to report and stop this behavior with AA leadership, I was met with opposition and at times, attack. These reasons drove me to leave AA. I could no longer support a group that creates a safe and protected environment for predators.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to educating the public about safe-recovery alternatives as well as informing the masses on dangers inherent to AA meetings around the world. My latest project The 13th Step is a feature-length documentary that blows the lid off sexual assault in AA.

I need your help.

The film requires more money for its next phase of production. We hope you can and will give. We will resume filming this week.  We’ll be raising finishing funds through June 1st with a target completion date for the film in August 2014.

Consider giving to the film in April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Your donation is entirely tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor the International Documentary Association. Click here to learn how to donate.

Please help me make this important film. Lives depend on it.

With loving gratitude,



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