Have You been Sexually Harassed or assaulted from an AA or NA member?

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Know that it is never your fault.

Please tell your story or contact us for support. @ makeaasafer@gmail.com

You are not alone. Women are calling me from all over the country.

Empowered not powerless is out slogan!

13 stepping, derogatory remarks, harassment, financial scamming are not a part of an healthy support group. Taking advantage of someone who is in their most vulnerable state is not okay.


13 thoughts on “Have You been Sexually Harassed or assaulted from an AA or NA member?

  1. I would like to talk to someone about my experience in AA. When I was 19 years old, and attending meetings, a man friended me. After I knew him awhile, he invited me to his house to join friends for pizza. When I got there, he forced me into a room off the kitchen with his hands around my neck. I kept telling him that I did not want anything physical (sex) with him. I kept saying it and started crying. No other friends were there as I believe this was all a con to get me over to his house. He raped me and acted like nothing happened. I was so afraid, young and did not understand how a “friend” in the program could do such a thing. I later learned that he had just got out of jail, and had a history of violence. What he did changed my life forever. I now have PTSD because of his violence…..


    1. If you are a GSR, a Secretary, a coffee maker, a greeter, a literature person, A Delegate, A DCM, an Area Chair and you are sexually harassed and 13 stepped you are now able to sue that person and sue AA. AA is a 501c3 a non profit corp in AMERICA< We have laws. Sexually harassment in the work place . Whether you are a volunteer, or not …if you are in a service position..it changes the GAME…get it…The laws that are in place for the the work place , are "in play" when you are a "volunteer" for a non profit.

      If you need a lawyer we can help .


  2. There were no site owners/admins/etc. who actually asked me to “promo” their sites, but I believe doing so should have meant the courtesy being reciprocated. Yet none of these sites that have “blogrolls” mention mine- and only 3 site owners/admins have mentioned/detailed my books. Uncool.


  3. Every time you post one of my blogs
    my spirit lifts and I cry with relief ,healing and gratitude
    To be honest just before I found this blog I was feeling so messed up by my 13th stepper predator situation that thoughts of suicide were starting to come into my head
    But since joining up with the blog those thoughts have gone and I feel I can keep going even tho it’s not easy
    Even tho I have a few kind friends who are helping me it’s so powerful to have a voice and be part of this blog community which believes in something I believe in which is truth and the human voice of truth


  4. The only thing that is stopping me from outing the 13th stepper predator(who wreaked havoc in my life) in front of everyone at her home group,is unfortunately a grounded fear of her revenge on me
    Even when I confronted her one to one she later found a way to exact a cunning and painful revenge on me
    And I think I rightfully fear the much worse revenge she would take if I outed her in front of her group
    What to do
    Something inside me is so angry and sad and wants justice for what she did
    But there is no law to make her accountable
    And the AA culture will let it pass while I continue to struggle and grieve
    In terms of community this blogsite(thank you) is the place where I am finding some power
    Here I am given what I need
    which is a voice in community
    Here I am heard just as I am
    Here I have a place
    And am not alone


  5. I have learnt the hard way there is no stereotype 13th stepper or predator in AA just as there is no stereotype alcoholic
    And these devastating experiences can come in many shapes and forms
    Recently my long term partner(now sadly ex) and I were reeling from a series of family traumas when a female 13th stepper or predator decided it would be a good time to target us
    At first she tried o so hard to ‘befriend ‘ me
    At the time I didn’t know what she had planned but I just felt I had to say no to all her overtures of ‘friendship’
    Unfortunately my partners boundaries were never as strong and clear as mine so when she changed her focus to her real target(him) she soon had him in her home on a regular basis for ‘legit’ reasons
    It disintegrated from there
    I no longer have my partner
    I’m devastated
    If a 13th stepper or predator hadn’t targeted my long term partner and I when we were reeling from a series of family traumas would things be different
    I think so


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