A personal letter from Jaroslava Mendez

ImageMy daughter Karla was murdered on September 1st, 2011. My family hasn’t celebrated a Christmas or birthday since. We haven’t even given her a proper burial. During these two years and nine months, my mind hasn’t been anywhere but the case.

The man charged with her murder is Eric Allen Earle. Karla met Eric in AA. She had gone to rehab voluntarily to take control of her substance overuse, and her clinic was transporting her to AA meetings.

Eric originally went to AA on a court order. The judge gave him a choice: one meeting per week or one year in jail for an assault battery and vandalism. Despite having a violent criminal record including assault with a deadly weapon, Eric allegedly continued AA meetings even after Karla’s death.

Karla — a 31-year-old woman at the height of her vulnerability — and Eric — a 40-year-old convict with 20 years experience preying on vulnerable women in AA — should never have been in the same room. Judges put my daughter at risk, and AA knew about his past and did nothing to protect her.

The next court date is in June 2014, and so far no trial date has been set. We’ve been to court so many times now that I’ve lost count. Each time we sit waiting for the case to be called, we hear judge after judge sentence more violent criminals to AA meetings. This has to stop.

Please help me honor the memory of my daughter by signing our petition to stop sending sex-offenders and violent criminals to AA. Please help Karla’s story be heard by supporting the film The 13th Step.

Something has to be done, and we won’t stop until everyone who struggles with alcohol and drugs has access to safe recovery.

In solidarity,
Jaroslava Mendez

3 thoughts on “A personal letter from Jaroslava Mendez

  1. Hi Jonathan and Welcome ! SO sad about Karla…..I am listing now to your beautiful song !!! I know the family is still suffering because of this murder. I hope the trial begins soon.

    Again thank you for posting your song here.


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