How bad is 13 stepping, Sexual Predatory Behavior in Louisville, Kentucky?

sexslavery in america

Pretty bad. I am here. I am interviewing woman who have been so badly 13 stepped by older, and I mean way older men, like 68 year old hitting on 20 somethings for sex. But here’s the hitch. There is a twist on this story that makes it a crime what they are doing. A real crime. They find themselves vulnerable women who are also addicts and they feed them drugs and actually offer them drugs when they slip. Use. etc.

There is another man who is going into the women’s prison, bringing out the new ones and also having sex with them. More 13 stepping in connection with the DOC and Im sure H & I ….AA 12 step work. Sounds like AA bullshit sexual predatory work. Sex slaves are always thought as immigrants from Thailand or the like, but in America and in AA it seems we have a sex trade of its own 1930’s variety.cambodian-sex-slaves1

I am horrified by the stories I am hearing. I also remembered another reason I came here and why I am making the Documentary The 13th Step. A few years back there was a story where in the parents molested and raped 4 of their own children. They , instead of getting 15 years in prison were plea dealed to Narcotics Anonymous. Did NA locally warn the members in Kentucky that these pedophiles are now attending those meetings? NO they did not!

Here’s what I am seeing. They are dealing drugs out of the West End Token Club. Or near by, or the leaders are selling it  and or giving it to them woman in exchange for sex and holding them hostage to do what they want with them. 13 stepping is not illegal but the dealing the drugs is and indentured servitude is against the law.  Sex Trading is also illegal.

So who do we go to?

The local police? Do they care in Louisville when black men sell drugs to white women in a bad part of down. DO they care about sex trade?  The FBI? The Local AA Intergroup? The Local NA Intergroup? The Local main Newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky? The Local News Station?

This is a huge problem here and I am shocked by what I was told in the interview we did last night. This is disgusting. We will be heading to the Local AA club to see for ourselves and bring the literature to seehand on knees pic if we can empower some of this woman. and warn the guys that it has to stop. Here is one idea…they can sue the club for sexual harassment and close the club down if the right young person will do it and realizes she can do it. Perhaps it might even be a guy , or a gay person who will come forward….

Wish me …wish us luck…dont worry …I am not going alone 🙂


12 thoughts on “How bad is 13 stepping, Sexual Predatory Behavior in Louisville, Kentucky?

  1. Funny… Any of the women that I ever hooked up with in AA or NA more slots to begin with… I didn’t need to trick or coerce them into having sex with me… they already wanted it! Now, granted… I was having sex with newcomers when I was a newcomer… generally the women actually had more clean time than I did… However, once I got some time under my belt… I would not have sex with newcomers… I’ve been clean and sober for almost 13 years… & I will admit that I still have the occasional casual sex relationship with someone in one of the fellowships… However, the person needs to have at least a couple years for me to stick it in her… And it’s funny, because I’ve never heard or seen any of this find the new girl and take advantage of her… Knowing what most addicts and alcoholics are like, she probably didn’t say no because as addicts and alcoholics, we’ve generally got a very loose set of morals! Lol


    1. I am approving this comment so the world can see the way some men in AA think. Really disgusting. GO to ROWDY RUM and spew your venom about women somewhere else. No other posts by you will be let through.


      1. Well it goes to show you that long time sobriety doesnt change/improve a persons morals or good character. His comments are a clear indication that you either have or you dont. Maybe there would be some hope for Rob; if he fraternize with a better crowd of individuals. His mind wouldnt be in the gutter.


  2. @Massive: Can I address a related issue? After all I’ve read & heard in recent years, I guess I was fortunate that I never had those kinds of experiences. I mean I was able to handle the b.s. HOWEVER, as these stupid programs ARE a ‘subculture’ in themselves, the problem I often experienced was the approach that anything goes AND you’re expected to be a part of it. One woman, for example, said she (her words) ‘F*d all the guys in the rooms.’ And if a person does not participate in that kind of behavior, you can be verbally attacked, harassed, etc., as if there’s something wrong with you- some of these idiots acted like they’d never even heard the word ‘No,’ and simply believe everyone they hit on will comply with what they want.


  3. I basically agree with you about 13th stepping and dangers. However, what’s with the comment about black guys selling drugs to white women? Would it be OK if the guys were white? Would it be OK if the women were black? Hell no! I think there is some unattractive racial bias in that statement and you might want to remove the racial references. Especially since you want to educate people and that should mean people of color too.


    1. it s a black clubhouse in the black part of Louisville. Yes this happens with white on white and white to black, but whats going on their is Black to white.Just reporting the facts. I was there.


      1. Well I didn’t get that anyone cares about whats going on in that part of town. Even the police. What I mean is that if they were white thenthe cops would be all over this place. They don’t care. Maybe Im wrong. Maybe every AA clubhouse is treated with kit gloves. Seems that way to me in my investigations.


      2. Seems to me if you see drug deals going down you should call the police: the dealer AND the buyer are both individually and legally responsible, not the clubhouse. No one represents AA, that’s why it’s called Anonymous! And when frivolous suits are filed, beware that the court can assess the filer for court costs when it’s tossed out.


      3. Are you kidding? This is going on all over the country and many don’t always call the police. Im tired of your response which is nothing new.

        Yes the clubhouse of a non profit falls under certain rules. That makes the people who work for free in the Clubhouse volunteers and they have federal laws to follow under. Including clubhouses. Especially if its a non profit. But even if it isn’t if one is employed at at club …and if you are volunteering at a club house as a secretary, coffee maker…I think a light bulb just went on. and for your last comment….yea…I don’t think so. Stay tuned for the truth.


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