Have you been Financially scammed by an Alcoholic’s Anonymous member?


Well, it’s curious how this blog brought about some closure for me that I would never expect. I was owed some $1,200. from a guy I dated and it ended badly back in 1999. I did not meet him in AA, but in a coffee house where music was performed… when he told me he was in AA I trusted him quickly cause I thought he was on a spiritual path! What a fool I was back then. But whatever…I was very trusting and naive then.

The point is …that if every person who got ripped off or was owed money by steppers….I know this one old timer in LA who owes a whole group of guys over $250K !!! would confront him, some may get their money back.

I was contacted by an anonymous person two months ago who said they were ripped off by 2 AA members in West LA for over 2 million…that’s jail time folks.  I know a woman in Texas whose friend was ripped off by her sponsor for 2 million dollars! This occurrence actually helped this person I met on Stink THINKING blog a few years ago ….to leave AA.

4 thoughts on “Have you been Financially scammed by an Alcoholic’s Anonymous member?

  1. Having spent the last 39 years sober in A.A., I have seen it all. The 13th Steppers are the worst. I have seen so many newly recovering women get involved with men in the fellowship, get their hearts broken, catch STDs, wind up in ugly love triangles, etc. I warn the new gals. They fire me as sponsor when I caution them about their new found heartthrob. The “heart throb” calls me an A.A. Nazi. Many women A.A.s are reluctant to warn or actively protect the newcomer for fear of being labelled a gossip or a busybody. Not me. If I know the dude is a violent offender, married, a womanizer, I’ll spread the word. It’s not slander if it’s true. I’m not taking someone else’s inventory by protecting a newcomer. It’s only the guilty who object to my tactics. To the guys I say, “Hands off! Give the girl a chance.” Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life and through the 12 steps I learned how to live so that I have a life today beyond my wildest dreams. No way will I let some horny son of a bitch rob a gal of what I was freely given.


    1. Bonnie, Im so glad there are women like you left in AA. Many of us have fled for various reasons. I had a sponsor who would confront the 13 steppers all the time, back in the 70’s. Good for you !!!


  2. 2013…. I started AA in January…. I was passed on from my first sponsor to another….. Long of the short of it, I am out 1500.00 dollars… Being a caring person, trying to understand my life, I was used…. I will NEVER go back to AA meetings or trust their Sponsor’s…


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