Tonight on CSB 48 Hours @ 10 pm AA, the Courts and Murder. Karla Brada Murder and AA court ordered violent offenders

CBS 48 Hours with Maureen Maher Please watch tonight at the first National story breaks on Alcoholics Anonymous. The Karla Brada murder happened in September of 2011. Eric Allen Earle was found guilty of murder and got 25 to life. He was court ordered into AA as a violent offender over 50 times over a 22-year period. Thanks to CBS the world will now know who may be sitting next to them in a meeting. cbs 48hrs pic


14 thoughts on “Tonight on CSB 48 Hours @ 10 pm AA, the Courts and Murder. Karla Brada Murder and AA court ordered violent offenders

  1. Thank you for allowing me to post this article on your blog Monica. The more people we all touch, the better and safer for EVERYONE!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ "Hug Your Karla!" ❤ ❤ ❤

    Does Your Daughter's Life Matter Less? Karla Brada is Everyone's Daughter

    Let’s examine what happened to Karla Brada Mendez. What is really ironic and heartbreaking is that there is intense discrimination against and lack of empathy for women who are beaten and raped by their partners if those women also seek help for Substance Use or are known to be Substance Use Disordered.

    The Elements Behavioral Health website states that, "Recognizing that culturally-ascribed roles and gender expectations affect society’s attitudes toward women with substance abuse." (SEE: Elements Behavioral Health: Attitudes About Women) Society's attitude toward these women has to have a significant impact on the lives of women dealing with substance use challenges. It is as if women are expendable if they have a Substance Use Disorder…but few people in society will openly admit to having this bias. Some may not even be aware that they hold women with substance use issues in any lower regard than they hold other women. It is, however, quite apparent that this is the case.

    The investigation of the brutal murder of Karla Brada Mendez was evidently delayed due to her being identified as a woman who struggled with Substance Use Disorder, as if that made Karla’s death less worthy of full and immediate investigation. Hometown Station reports, “What took the longest was the official autopsy report,” Hernandez said. “It was deferred for many, many months as they looked into the victim’s medical history and allegations of drug use because she had been in a rehab program.” (SEE: )

    There is no valid reason for the investigation into Karla’s death to have taken any longer or have been any more or less complex than anyone else’s death. She was someone's daughter; Jaroslava and Hector Mendez's oldest child. She was a beloved sister and friend. Karla was a human being. Her life mattered. Regardless of her personal and/or public struggles, Karla had a heart of gold and enriched the lives of all who had the blessing to know her. Actually, she dealt with the same issues that many young Americans currently struggle with. According to the CDC, Substance Use Disorder has reached epidemic proportions in this country among young adults and teens. (SEE:

    Do we as American parents feel that our sons and daughters lives are worth less (or worthless) just because our children may have fallen into an unfortunate struggle with drinking or with drugs as so very many American teens and young adults have? (SEE: No one's child is immune. The loss of their child is a parent's worst nightmare regardless of the struggles the child may have. Her death deserved immediate investigation and the only consolation to the heinous delays in Karla’s case is the fact that AA member, Eric Earle has ultimately been sentenced to 26 years to life for killing her.

    A Parent's Worst Nightmare: The Karla Brada Mendez Story

    Domestic violence has also reached epidemic proportions in this society. The ludicrous irony here is that many, many women, who suffer domestic violence and sexual assault by partners and others, may use substances to medicate and to deal with their pain. Does this come as a shock to anyone? In fact, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that, women who have been abused are fifteen times more likely to abuse alcohol and nine times more likely to abuse drugs than women who have not been abused. (SEE:

    Still, when people hear that a brutalized or murdered woman may have had a Substance Use problem, they often lump her onto a "pay her no mind" pile. Minds close. Hearts are hardened against the brutalized woman who also struggles with drinking and/or drug use. Women like Karla often face horrendous odds when struggling to overcome substance use and abuse by a violent, often also Substance Use Disordered partner. The NCADV reports, "51% of domestic violence program directors agree that a woman’s use of alcohol can be a barrier to leaving a violent relationship. 87% of domestic violence program directors agree that the risk of intimate partner violence increases when both partners abuse alcohol or drugs." Society ought to be ashamed rather than placing the blame on these victims. Perhaps the exposure of Karla’s case will cause people to pause and consider themselves, their daughters and loved ones. We are all vulnerable to being affected by the dual epidemics of Substance Use Disorder and Domestic Violence in this country.

    Judgmental and misogynistic attitudes held by men and women against women, cause a great number of battered and murdered women who may also struggle with substances to be discounted. What's worse is that some supposed women's advocates who work in the fight to end domestic violence (female and male advocates, mind you) may also be guilty of harboring discriminatory, gender-based attitudes against women who are beaten and/or killed if those women also used any substances. Preposterously, many AA members themselves level judgments and cast aspersions onto Karla Brada, the murder victim instead of onto Eric Earle the AA member who is guilty of the crime of murder. Their most heinous condemnation is saved for Karla, the victim.

    The most vociferous AA members blame Karla for her own murder by making obscenely obtuse and abusive statements such as, "She was not sober when she died!" This overtly victim-blaming statement is akin to those who question, “What was she wearing?” when they hear that a woman has been raped. To this day, women who are victims of sexual assault are still blamed for being raped—and now the further harm to female victims is often carried out online. The Think Progress web site highlights a recent example of the victim-blaming attitudes that survivors of sexual assault often encounter once they come forward about the crime that was perpetrated against them. (SEE: )

    It is extremely revealing to read the typical comments hurled about by AA members regarding the Karla Brada case. It is hardly surprising when one has taken the time to really review and consider the attitude toward women that is reflected in most Old Oxford Group Religion (a.k.a. Alcoholics Anonymous) literature. A recent article by Dr. Stanton Peele, recounts the experiences of Juliet Abram. Juliet explains that she was hurt by her experiences in AA. The article states, “Finally, AA's misogynistic language and culture permit sexual misconduct and sexual crimes to occur. These nearly always go unreported, as though they are almost expected, which is why concern over 13th stepping is rising to the fore, pushed by my friend Monica Richardson. It has to be halted.” (SEE: AA’s Male Culture by Dr. Stanton Peele.)

    The following document provides examples of typical comments made by current AA members regarding the murder of their own AA newcomer, Karla Brada Mendez:

    So to AA’s members’ question: "Was she sober when she died?"

    Are you “sober” or “sane” or “human” when you ask such a question?

    Here is a more relevant question: "Did being a long time AA member and "AA meeting-maker" help Earle to stay sober or prevent him from going on to viciously murder an AA newcomer in a drunken rage?"

    Was the murder victim 'sober'? What does that kind of question even mean to sane, reasonable people in the context of Karla being the victim of murder? It means nothing…if one is sane; if one is reasonable. Few of Karla's bashers ever state the fact that long time AA member and now convicted murderer, Eric Earle was not "sober" when he brutally beat, cut, tortured and murdered AA newcomer Karla Brada. They simply do not question or condemn him at all. Earle’s “sobriety” doesn’t matter to sane and reasonable people…or the jury and judge that found him guilty of 1st degree murder. Still, since "state of sobriety" matters so much to these individuals, why do they fail to make any statements about the long time AA member and murderer's lack of sobriety? Is this due to misogyny, AA member's blind loyalty to AA or a combination of the two? No sane or reasonable person can make sense of this dichotomy, however. Only those incurably diseased, dedicated to ‘not-thinking’ and self-professed powerlessness, can make sense or reason of the blatant lack thereof. It is to be expected of them actually.

    On Gabrielle Glaser's website it states, "In fact, more women are turning to alcohol these days than ever before. In Her Best-Kept Secret, journalist Gabrielle Glaser uncovers this hidden-in-plain-sight drinking epidemic – but doesn’t cause you to recoil in alarm. She is the first to document that American women are drinking more often than ever and in ever larger quantities." (SEE: Suffice it to say, not all, but many battered, sexually abused women turn to substance use in order to suffer through or in some way self-medicate themselves through the abuse. It is not a good solution, but many desperate, isolated and dis-empowered women sadly turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with the torture they endure. Subsequently, many of our friends, daughters, sisters, etc. may turn to or be sent to 12 step meetings for "help"…not knowing of the potential and greater danger that may lie in wait for them there. Even children are not safe in these meetings! (SEE:

    So, please let’s examine what happened to Karla Brada Mendez. It could quite easily be a situation faced by your own teen, young adult daughter, or vulnerable woman of any age. Remember, young females in our lives do not always disclose to their parents or close family and friends the struggles and private demons such as date rape, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc. that they may be dealing with. Jaraslava Mendez tells us that her Karla never told her of the horrible situation with alcohol, drugs or abuse that she was dealing with. Is your daughter suffering in silence? The chances that women dealing with such crises may also end up in 12 Step rooms mixed with mandated criminals and predators is much higher than most people realize. Laura Tompkins, Addictions Specialist highlights Eric Earle's disturbing history, "In this case, this particular monster was mandated to AA 12 step meetings over and over and his rap sheet includes attempted murder of his ex-wife (smothering her with a pillow in front of their children) and a restraining order from his own father after he almost beat him to death. Earle spent over 20 years getting away with victimizing vulnerable women in AA financially, physically and emotionally." (SEE:

    48 Hours – The Sober Truth, reveals what happened to Karla Brada Mendez and her AA Member Murderer, Eric Earle:

    Again, examine what happened to Karla Brada Mendez. It could quite easily be a situation faced by your own teen, young adult daughter, or vulnerable woman of any age. Rest assured, if Karla's parents had known what lie in wait for their precious daughter when she went for help with Substance Use Disorder, they would have never left their daughter to enter those rooms…never. Karla's life was as precious as any other's! And so is your daughter's life; let's protect her. Let us protect them all. (SEE:
    Do you know who your children are "meeting" with?



    ❤ ❤ ❤ "Hug Your Karla!" ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. I’ve suffered from alcoholism for most my life and I have been on both sides of the room. I’ve been required to go by the courts and I have gone on my own. Personally I believe a separation between the forced and those of use truly seeking help would only benefit the program. When I was forced to go, I didn’t want to talk to those or be looked at as that persons forced to go by everyone else. Given I would of liked to have known that there were people there who wanted to help me and plant a seed a little deeper. It would have made it easier to talk to these people that were there to help and you knew they were, why else would they be there. On the other hand, when I go for myself, I don’t want to be bothered by people that really don’t want to be there. I don’t want people sharing my feelings that don’t care or are only there because there forced. There’s open meetings, closed meetings, smoking meetings, and non-smoking. Why cant there be a place to go where you know that they are there for themselves and no signatures are given.


      2. Darren- you make a very good point- the years I was there it was clear that AA is not a good fit for those forced. And how are these people forced to join an organization from the 1930’s that is already deemed “highly religious ” in the courts. Im glad you were helped. AA members need to take control and stop court ordering with those of us who have left who also want to stop it.


  2. It is bizarre to me that you all complain about AA. Blame shifting. That’s all it is. If you don’t care for it, well then by God DON’T GO! Simple as that. You don’t complain about The Southern Baptist Association because ex-cons and violent people go to the 1st Baptist Church do you? Get real people.


    1. and you are here on this blog why? Doesn’t seem in your post that you were harmed by AA and need help. Is that right.

      I know they are not court ordering violent men to The SouthernBaptist Church, and you are not told you are broken for life and have a made up BS disease at that church either. Right?



  3. I watched the 48 hours episode. Where can you watch or rent the documentary? When I googled it all I could see were ads to a Kickstarter campaign that is already closed. I have two very close male friends that feel they they have been sober for a very long time because of AA but someone they are associated with has always disgusted me because he is constantly dating women who are newcomers to AA. The guys that I am friends with have always seemed very uncomfortable with this and I would like to make sure that they see this film.


    1. The film will be out early this 2015. I will get it around the country in theaters and they I will sell it on DVD and VOD. I feel your pain. I can send you safety pamphlets and show you how to have a MAAS workshop. I would do it if I were you. If you love AA….at least try. I made 3 of them. We outed a rapist .


  4. Just set my DVR to watch this tonight. Isn’t it about time something like this was shown????? When I was in AA over 25 years ago, my sponsor was having an affair with my husband’s sponsor, who was also married! What a tangled web we weave….


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