Have you been Bullied and Sexually harassed ever in AA?

speak out pic

Why do people think AA is a secret society?

AA was founded in 1935, the book published in 1939 was created at a time when an “alcoholic” a person who is dependent on alcohol was a very shameful thing to be.

So the anonymous nature of it was created for different reasons. It was not meant to cover up sexual assault, rape or even allow bullying.

Why do old-timers sometimes think they “Know it all”?

Yes, there are good folks in AA. But we are here to help those who have been harmed.

What can you do in your meetings and your area to make things better and safer?


2. Pass out Green Pamphlet Make AA Safer to your members.

5.5×8.5_fin_02-12 safey pam


empowerment pp3. Go to your local area meetings and put on a safety workshop with other groups.

4. Be open to other ideas of how people can get help when AA seems to fail and not blame the person who is keeping “slipping” Drinking….

5 .Put up a safety policy poster on the wall near your coffee pot.

6. Make an announcement about zero tolerance for Sexual harassment at the start of your meeting.

Please write us at makeaasafer@gmail.com


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