Medication and AA members

OKAY.  If you’re a new person, old person, whatever you are—no one, may I repeat, no one has the right to tell another member/person how they should take ANY kind of prescription medication. Psych drugs, pain medication, vitamins and the like.

This is insane and none of your business or right. It’s hurtful and harmful, and people drink and kill themselves behind it.

Why do some members think they can tell others what they can or can not take?


4 thoughts on “Medication and AA members

  1. Years ago there were hand-out phamplets on the literature rack about this very subject.
    It stated AA had no say in meds or medical advice. Funny one day you never saw them again. Maybe that was planned? I wonder. Some AA’s can be real sneaky bastards.


    1. Also I knew an old hag named clara who sponsored several women. One took heart meds and clara told her to get honest with herself and throw her meds away, as she said AA is all you need. The woman died. Hope that old bitch clara is roasting in hell for she indirectly committed murder. Welcome to all that love in those precious “rooms” Yeeech!!!


  2. KIM posted: I have been in AA for 5 1/2 years. I have been sober throughout that time also without relapse. Recently during a casual conversation with my sponsor I mentioned I had a fear of flying. I stated that I prayed, listened to gospel music and did my best not to panic. My doctor had given me Ativan .5mg to take every 8 hours for anxiety. The only times I have taken the medication have been on flights. Literally one ativan when I sat down in my seat on the plane. The medication, in addition to praying and listening to music ,helps me avoid panic (white-knuckled flying, sweating, fast heart rate, nausea, etc.). My sponsor later told me that some people would consider that a relapse and that I should be very concerned. I told her I would definitely think about my use of the Ativan. I looked up the official AA position on the use of prescription drugs. At least 8 bullet points were discussed in the approved literature. I have fulfilled 7 of the 8 bullet points. The last point stated I should give the pamphlet to my doctor also. That is the only bullet point I have not fully and honestly met. I have always taken the medication as directed. I have flown approximately 6 times in the past year. I do no feel I have broken my sobriety as I followed my physician’s directions exactly.

    Any thoughts?????


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