Red flags missed, murder in Alcoholics Anonymous world, fellowship, meetings, call it what you will…a dangerous place!

Christine Cass, Saundra Cass murdered by crazy AA guy. Sorry PTSD is not an excuse for murdering a woman and her daughter like this.

Judges, Rehabs, treatments Centers need to CUT IT OUT and stop sending people who are unstable to 12 step programs.

Did you not know there is NO ONE THERE IN CHARGE! They are all powerless. Oh dear. They are all so victimized. They all need to call their sponsors to see if they can take the next step. Meanwhile, Dirty Harry, or Lechivious Larry sits beside Jane the Librarian who has too many drinks each nite.

GO figure. This is messed up.

WE all need to stand up and fight back and tell our Senators this is against the constitution. Religion and State. Hmmm.

Read the full piece here. 

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