The Guardian and Jon Stewart mention The 13th Step in today’s Article


WOW is this a nice surprise. I don’t think I could ask for a nicer present then this one a sleepy, Sunday morning in California.

Jon Stewart,  who was an AA member for 14 years, left AA almost 2 years ago and we began to speak on Skype and through email. I had him on my radio show Blog talk radio Safe recovery , and we finally met in person in May when we screened the film in London at The Mayfair  . It was like meeting an old friend from AA  who was now an ex stepper. We had many thoughts in common and some of his experiecne was very different from mine. He still feels AA saved his life and I never felt like that. I feel like I saved my life. But none the less, we agree on 90 % of everything else.

He is a super nice guy with alot of important stuff to say about change around alcohol over use…ect…

Please go and write your thoughts.


One thought on “The Guardian and Jon Stewart mention The 13th Step in today’s Article

  1. GEE GEE 13

    My name is Gee Gee 13 the last thirteenth stepped
    individual at the Phoenix club. I am implementing a
    prevention plan while praying that I am the last one to be
    stepped on.
    My Preamble
    Fact, this issue has already been reported and I am beyond
    words. This blatant disrespect, lack of ethics with no
    morality is unacceptable.
    Step One, I am not the victim because As Bill See’s
    It “I was a willing participant”. I can guarantee you this,
    as soon as I educated myself on the this step.
    This step that I knew nothing about because only twelve are posted.
    I eliminated myself and no longer played this game.
    I will not be punked out of the club by a little
    bitch without a fight. I feel that this behavior should
    not be tolerated EVER.
    Step two? The broken principals. We have guidelines
    for a reason people, You cannot run your own program
    without following the principals that keep this fellowship
    alive. I definitely don’t feel alive and free here, this has been
    bestowed upon me and it makes me sick.
    Step three? this behavior will be the downfall of
    this program and I ask, what spirit exactly is this
    behavior keeping alive? A stalker with predator behavior
    I witnessed myself is a danger for anyone new to the club.
    Step four? I will not allow this to happen again,
    choices need to be made, safety measures a must.
    Step five? I will take inventory and I will
    babysit this behavior. If seen, you are to report any
    individual and said individual banned immediately.
    Step six? I will be the armed security guard for
    sure. Cross me once shame on me, DO NOT cross this boundary.
    Step seven? I will be more than happy to school you
    on the fact that hell hath no fury like me.
    Step Eight? Respect how a person should be treated.
    Step nine? I am therefore I will act on this behalf
    and two step your ass on why I am GeeGee13.
    Step ten? I pray we are all clear and that this 13 step
    issue is over.
    Step eleven? Thank you for letting me share and
    I thank you for becoming a huge part of my recovery.
    Step twelve? my name is GeeGee13
    I’m out.

    Written by
    Gail D. Tardiff
    Tues. Jan 5th, 2016


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