VICE looking for WOMEN PREYED on Sexually while they were attending AA or ex- AA members who were harmed.

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I have been contacted by a VICE reporter, Cecilia— the online magazine not the TV show. Millions of readers are there.

Here we go…please share everywhere. FACE BOOK and twitter too.

“Hi, my name is Cecilia and I’m a reporter with VICE.

Right now, I’m reporting a piece on the culture of sexual predation in AA.

For this article, I am hoping to speak with female AA attendees (current or former) who have been sexually assaulted or preyed on by male AA attendees.

I am more than willing to work with sources to protect their identities. To reach me, please shoot me an e-mail at Thanks so much for your time.”


14 thoughts on “VICE looking for WOMEN PREYED on Sexually while they were attending AA or ex- AA members who were harmed.

  1. As a 14 year old child, living on the streets, I was introduced to AA. The man who took me to meetings was in his 60’s. Both he and his wife made sexual advances. Although I distanced myslef from this couple, other men would hit on me continuously. At 15 I met a man who was kind, gentle and charming. For two years he took me for coffee, talked with me and made me feel like the most cherished person on the planet. At 17 I finally caved in had sex with him. I found out a short while later that I was pregnant and all hell broke loose. He became a control freak. He kept me in complete isolation and for the next 5 years this once charming man physically, sexually and mentally abused me. Even after we broke up, and he kidnapped our children, he and his siblings (who were all AA members) stalked me and made my life a living hell. They destroyed me. It wasn’t until I moved to another country that I felt safe. Although he has since died, the damage he did to me and to our children has made it impossible for us to have a relatioship. When I do cross paths with one of my kids (all adults now) I have sever anxiety attacks and bolt.

    I stopped going to meetings when I was 19 because of this man, his family and all the other predators I was exposed to. In hindsight, I realize that was the best thing I could have done.


  2. I was preyed on by a man who was counting years of sobriety while I was counting days. I dated him, thinking he could help me, and I liked him. He seemed so nice. On one of our early dates he said he was going to take me to an AA meeting but we ended up in the bed. In the end he abandoned me in a cruel fashion and never checked to see if I was staying sober or not. He used me like a drug. I’ve decided never to return to AA and quit drinking on my own.


    1. I had a similar experience in AA. I stuck with the meetings for 4 years though. It has made a huge difference in that I have not had a drink for 4 and a half years. This man was 30 years sober! Yes, 30 years in AA! I have had so many complications with men in AA that I now stay away from all of them. I have a lovely sponsor now, and she has taken me through the steps. It was a really troubling time though. And I felt used and abandoned with no one to understand. I hope you are well. ☺


  3. I think the reporter who contacted me over the weekend had a deadline of today. But did you contact the reporter from VICE. She does not care if the story is from years ago.


      1. Yes. You were kind enough to contact me before you had your operation. I hope you are better.
        My story involves 1979–1983, so I’m not sure if it holds much relevance.
        And I’ve no doubt women experience much more abuse in AA than males, in general.
        Quite honestly, I don’t have a good thing to say about AA or therapists who support it, but it’s too late for me take legal action, obviously. The situation I was in was putrid.
        Feel free to re-contact me if you want the basics for an expose that may be of interest to some people.

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    1. I was preyed upon by recovering alcoholic prostitutes years ago in the rooms. Guess they practiced “one thing at a time”. I finally left that nutso cult & stay very sober today
      my own way. Plenty of women sexual abusers in the rooms. They just have a different approach.

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      1. HI Dennis- Thank you for posting. Yes there are plenty of women predators in AA. We address this in the film The 13th Step too. Sorry to hear this happened to you.


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