Tell Me your story abour Sexual Predators in Rehabs and Sober Living

Are you someone who has stayed at a rehab or a sober living . Have you been sexually harassed, preyed on, molested or raped.

We want to hear your stories and we want to expose, and change how unregulated both rehabs and sober livings are.

  1. Rehabs are not even Medical Facilities.  The Department of Public Health Over sees these facilities. But what are these places and who is running them. Are they run by Doctors, Nurses, PhD’s , MFCC’s. Most of them— the answer is no.
  2. SOBER LIVING is even worse. Its much more unregulated. We recently uncovered that Sober Living is charging INSURANCE. FOR WHAT? There is no medical anything going on there.
  3. If you have been a victim- please go to the police and or contact us here for help.

3 thoughts on “Tell Me your story abour Sexual Predators in Rehabs and Sober Living

  1. I don’t even know where to start. Your movie almost brought me to tears. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about AA or had been victimized by them. I had several horrible sponsors that took advantage of my venerable state, one even made me clean her house after her toilet overflowed throughout every bedroom. She said it was to build character. As the lady in your movie said “It is so difficult to say no to any relationship or friendship in the venerable stages of newly sober”. After I wised up from that, the second sponsor I had was a very sick old lady, always asking me about my sex life and telling me about the man she picked up from the nursing home’s penis pump. Much like abusers do, she even tried to isolate me from her family. I was told to pick sponsors that I want to be more like after the first debacle, and I picked the old lady because she was a nurse. Before I decided to finally quit drinking and take AA seriously, I was a senior at a 4-year nursing school. It wasn’t until a failed marriage lead me to transfer schools and reapply to the nursing board for clinicals that they found out that I had lied on my federal licensure application about a DUI. I don’t think I even did that intentionally, but I was drinking so bad at this point, I can see how I marked the box wrong. I thought the second sponsor I acquired in AA would surely help me get my nursing degree, after all, she had one of her own. Not only did she not help me but she had me write the nursing board and tell them that I had bipolar disorder (which I do not) and other things that in hindsight only hurt my chances of remedify the damage that I had done to my future career. I started drinking again before she was done with me. She would call me at all hours, expect me to check in constantly, accused me of doing things I really wasn’t. I figured by the end of it, I may as well. It’s almost like she convinced me to drink again. She was always talking about drinking. Then I tried to go to this rehab center that is advertised as a higher class facility. They had special group sessions and separate AA meetings for doctors and nurses, Palmetto Treatment Center in Louisiana. The price was special too. My family still gives me hell over wasting that money and not having my nursing degree. If they only knew the hell I still give myself, and now I don’t have alcohol to sooth that pain. Not only did they charge my family and I 10,000 for a three-day evaluation (required by the nursing board in order for me to re-enter nursing school), but at the end of the 3-days, they evaluated that I needed a 90-day in-patient stay in an intensive treatment facility. The treatment facility has to be approved by the nursing board and palmetto is the only 90-day treatment center in Louisiana. It is a total conflict of interest. I’ve been in and out of treatment centers and AA groups since then, but none of them helped. In fact, many times, the people in these settings caused me more harm than good, especially in the way of drinking. I am sober now and I did it all on my own, with the support of a good husband. It wasn’t easy but it was easier on my own than it ever would have been associated with any of the above mentioned aggregate. I have achieved an associate’s degree, but not in nursing, and am currently working on my bachelors in psychology. I would still like to recover my 4-year education in nursing, but given that the Louisiana Nursing Board goes by the treatment center’s recommendation of 90 days in patient, I may never get that chance. The crazy thing is, the doctors and nurses I was in Palmetto Treatment center were almost all in there for taking medicine from their patients and family. I have never, would never, go to school or my clinicals even having drank, and most certainly wouldn’t have taken medicine, even from my dog. I would never hurt a patient. I am currently studying psychology because I care so much for the well-being of others. However, I would like to option to receive my nursing degree, given all the work I had put into it and considering my sanction with the nursing board was only for improperly filling out an application. One last thing, the people, doctors, nurses, staff, in my AA treatment aggregate have shared my nursing school heartache with insisted that I must have done something worse. In order to get a nursing degree, I was required to do two years of clinicals treating patients under a nursing instructor. The Louisiana Nursing Board took my infraction very seriously. For omitting an old arrest on my clinical application, the nursing board, on behalf of the AA treatment center’s recommendation, remanded me to the same treatment as nurses who stole medicine from sick or dying patients who needed their care. It got to the point where I haven’t told this story in years, and buried my dreams of ever becoming a nurse. The movie, The 13th step, really helped me know I am not alone, and in the first time in years, I have hope. I cannot recover all the years I spent drinking, but maybe I can recover some of the things I lost during those years. I thought that going back to AA would be the only way but I’ve been afraid it would drive me to drink again. Please let me know of any advice you may have. I appreciated your response above. Thanks.


  2. I had lost my job due to my addiction. I was immediately hired by an AA leader who owned a family business.
    Needless to say he used his power over me to sexually harass and abuse me for 5 years.
    The worst part is that the hospital where we had treatment knew all about him. He was being treated as a sex addict and is a well known predator.
    All of the doctors, social workers and staff knew about him.
    When I tried to come forward, they said I was enabling HIM to be abusive. I was “his type.” It gets worse.
    I sued him. We settled out of court pretty quickly as he obviously didn’t want this information to be made public.
    I’m still a mess. People think that sexual harassment is just a guy telling a dirty Joke or making a pass. It was much worse.
    My story is kind of long so I don’t know if I can fit it all in here. I’d be happy to type out an email.
    I never went back to AA.
    They all assured me that I’d be dead by now. Look at me, still very much alive, clean….but definately damaged by my experiences.


    1. HI SUSAN- I am terribly sorry to hear your story. You are not alone. I am glad you sued and won- But I can tell this has not healed what happened to you . If you want we can speak on the phone. Email me at

      DID you ever write an account of what happened and file a compliant with your local District attorney, The AA WS Office, and contact Judges in your area to tell them what really goes in AA ? I think I can help you ….maybe.


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