Why I Left Alcoholics Anonymous

This is a tragic yet common story in AA. I am so glad to see you speaking out.


3 thoughts on “Why I Left Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. I am a 20 years old member and I do understand the problematic of 13 stepping in AA.

    I really feel bad for the people that has been harmed and it is really sad to hear this. I have been helping many members and friends to stop the drinking and in many cases, several people stopped and had their life much better.

    Some of them came into AA with nothing, they were at the end of the rope. They recovered jobs, families and got married…..founded a family and bought a house while being in AA. Then one day, they leave and don’t come back only a few years after….taking a new comers chip. That is so sad. Some of them lost everything again and cannot stop drinking.

    Finally, I still continue to go to meetings as I know, I went to all inclusive vacation and was lucky I did not drink, many do. But I understand that anger is number one offender, like they say in AA, resentment.

    So where to go if no AA, which they say the only place left for people that has drinking issues. Still people that comes in program, new comers, lost jobs, family and society does not want to have to deal with those people.

    The only way is AA.

    Now also, I was told AA is a very large hospital and not everyone is working the program properly. Many are still even after 20 years very sick people. I agree that the new comers should be protected against those sick people.

    Finally, thank you for your movement, just please make sure that AA never burst as it is the only way I was able to stop for 20 years. I do not want to have to join religion again as this is really controling you as oppose to AA where you can do just about anything as no one will tell you what to do, only suggests.

    Thanks and cheers !


    1. hi The only way is not AA. There are 5 other ways that are free and working. SMART recovery, Moderation Management, Hams Harm reduction, Women for Sobriety and Secular Org For Sobriety.

      Then there is The Sinclair Method , the use of Naltrexone, Campral and vivtrol.


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