PLEASE JOIN MONICA RICHARDSON IN RICHMOND VA this Friday for a Screening of her Ground Breaking Documentary The 13th Step. Q & A to follow with Director.


3 thoughts on “THE 13TH STEP to SCREEN AT THE RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Friday March 3rd, 2017 @2:30 pm

  1. I recently watched the documentary film. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It was very upsetting to hear about the incidences that occurred in some AA meetings that were horrific. However, to say that alcoholics anonymous is responsible for what is happening is absolutely ridiculous! If the court system is sending people that are sex offenders to Alcoholics Anonymous rather than to an appropriate psychiatric program to get treatment for their illness, how is alcoholics anonymous responsible? In its name, the word anonymous is used. Each group is autonomous and is separate from the overall fellowship. There is really no governing body. There is an Intergroup and a world service organization which handle many services, however, they do not govern the groups. They do not oversee in anyway whatsoever, any of the groups in Alcoholics Anonymous. To say that they can make changes and continue to operate as an anonymous program cannot happen. The woman who directed and oversaw the documentary might want to look into going after the court system. Also, the claims that were made by the psychiatrists and other professionals were outright preposterous. Alcoholics Anonymous does not in anyway claim to be the only way to get sober. Also, although the book was written at a time where Christianity was a prevalent religious organization, The book is written to be more spiritual than in anyway religious. People who have a problem with God can just use a belief that something in the universe is more powerful than them. Several of the professionals pointed out that there are people who are not religious and will not be able get sober in AA because of this. This documentary was very successful at a one-sided, very slanted opinion against Alcoholics Anonymous. I welcome constructive conversations.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and writing your thoughts. AA is nothing like anything else in there world. Courts and rehabs and even the FAA forced people there against their will.

      AA is indeed religious /spiritual – whatever you say our courts – some 25 federal courts have DEEMED it Highly Religious. Not Monica Richardson the filmmaker.

      We love intelligent debate.


      1. AA does not force people there…as you stated, the courts do. It is not up to AA to change that.
        Also, AA is highly Spiritual…very different from religious.
        But either way, my main point was that AA is not responsible for the pedophiles or sexual predators…these “sick people” live amongst us in every organization that we have. I did also say that I do not agree that they should be sent somewhere that they can get help for their problems.


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