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Are Sexual Predators, Violent Criminals and Intimidating Alcoholics Anonymous Members Ruining Your Group?

Posted in 13 Stepping, AA Activism, Exposing AA, Woman's Rights, Women's Right in AA Culture by Massive on October 14, 2012

Lately there have been a few stories posted here and on my blog as well as on and that are just horrific.  These stories are about Sponsor coercion, intimidation, bad 13 stepping aka sexual assault and harassment.

When I first started this blog it was just about bad 13 stepping. But quickly the stories posted to the world …here , along with private emails I received from both men and women who were fed up, left AA, abused, used and disenfranchised filled my file cabinet.

The file is now 2 inches thick with horror stories of all kinds.

Now finally there is something real brewing to defend the innocent from killers, rapists and your garden variety AA fucker who is sexually and financial screwing the regular average AA or NA member.

The tide has turned.

I hope that if any of you have a serious legal gripe with a person in AA/NA, that is non violent, file a civil lawsuit. You do not need a lawyer to file a lawsuit.

If it is violent, please document, contact us, contact the police, but we strongly suggest that you ask them if they are in AA. In fact, during the process, we highly suggest you say to each individual , cop, even a Police Chief, detective, Judge and lawyer…are you in AA/NA? If they are then we suggest you request that someone else handle your case. Then you can say ” It is a conflict of interest”- I need someone else to handle this case for me. Be strong and hold you ground on this one.

This is what happened initially with Jerry Sandusky. The first judge knew him and worked with him personally with at risk teens.  She was thrown off the case and replaced.

Both NA and AA World Head Quarters are non profits and successful. Just like The Boy Scouts of America who was sued.  AA in local areas can be sued if they know this is going on and do nothing.  AA is in NY. NA is in Los Angeles. Area 5 and the West side District was put on notice and they not only ignored us but suppressed us and the truth and did not give us a chance or did they support the few districts who put on MAKE AA SAFER WORKSHOPS. IN fact one area as well as West LA was told that they would not put the flyer about the workshops up on the SO CAL AA website, because  in quotes ” it might hurt the AA name and scare people away”.

Imagine that! They care more about their reputation then member safety.


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