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Have you been Bullied and Sexually harassed ever in AA? Why do people think AA is a secret society?

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AA was founded in 1935, book published in 1939 was created in a time when an “alcoholic” a person who is dependent on alcohol was a very shameful thing to be.

So the anonymous nature of it was created for different reasons. It was not meant to cover up sexual assault, rape or even allow bullying.

Why do old-timers sometimes think they ‘Know it all” ?

Yes there are good folks in AA. But we are here to help those who have been harmed.

What can you do in your meetings and your area to make things better and safer?


2. Pass out Green Pamphlet Make AA Safer to your members.

5.5×8.5_fin_02-12 safey pam


3. Go to your local area meetings and put on a safety workshop with other groups.

4. Be open to other ideas of how people can get help when AA seems to fail and not blame the person who keeping “slipping” Drinking….

5 .Put up a safety policy poster on the wall near your coffee pot.

6. Make an announcement about zero tolerance for Sexual harassment at the start of your meeting.

Please write us at makeaasafer@gmail.comempowerment pp

Troll AA Members trying to crack the safety code….

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Recently I have had some AA members showing up here like they own this place. Its interesting to me that the arrogance level on their part is  so…childish and belittling.

Can they not see and read this is a site for those harmed by 13 stepping while in AA and are looking for answers to this type of predation?

I guess not.

They think that only they know the path to life ether in AA or not. ..

So…this is for those who are harmed and those who need or want a safe place to blog.

No  trolling is tolerated here.


Tonight on CSB 48 Hours @ 10 pm AA, the Courts and Murder. Karla Brada Murder and AA court ordered violent offenders

CBS 48 Hours with Maureen Maher Please watch tonight at the first National story breaks on Alcoholics Anonymous. The Karla Brada murder happened in september of 2011. Eric Allen Earle was found guilty of murder and got 25 to life. He was court ordered into AA as a violent offender over 50 times over a 22 year period. Thanks to CBS the world will now know who may be sitting next to them in a meeting. cbs 48hrs pic

Alcoholics Anonymous was served with Lawsuit for Wrongful Death by Karla Brada’s Parents Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

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lawsuit pictureOn Tuesday The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous , Inc was served with a lawsuit… Mendez vs Alcoholics Anonymous.

Justic for Karla who was murdered by Eric Allen Earle, September 1, 2011, Earle who was court ordered to AA over 52 times for 22 years to AA, instead of jail time.

Karla has not been the only woman murdered by a man who was court ordered to AA meeting who was violent.  ( Kristine and Saundra Cass in Hawaii 2010. )

#1 AA has no safety polices or procedures even though they were warned by a Board member Paul Cleary in 2008.

#2 AA was warned again by Monica Richardson , a long standing member who wrote AA headquarters a long 9 page letter documenting the finding they were uncovering Southern California . …They voted to do nothing.

The Make AA Safer Workshops made a group of women aware that women were not only getting 13 stepped but more were reporting rapes to monica and Kali and many of the rapes were not getting reporter to the police.

Ms M. , a Trustee  told Monica many times that parole officers told her numerous times that Sexual Predators in Jail were making fun of AA women and actually go there to target them as victims as they were “easier  then picking up women in a bar”

Warn all the members you know about the court ordering. Men are victimized as well. you can reach us at for any support, complaints and or literature we created while we did the Make AA Safer Workshops.

AT the Area 05 level they voted against my pamphlet. EVEN though all I wanted to do was discuss and hand it out. From the top down they bullied us and other women I knew who brought this lovely literature to AA meetings.

I have been contacted from all over the world about sexual and finance predation in AA meetings and in its culture.

I have mailed and sent this literature all over the world as well.

More murders and rapes occurred.5.5×8.5_fin_02-12 safey pam

Both Men and Women get sexually harassed, 13 stepped in AA. Many Men get financially scammed in AA.


Recently a man from NYC contacted me. Telling me that there are and were a lot of cougar women hitting on and sexually harassing young attractive 20 something men in AA. He wanted to make sure that the story we are telling is a fair one and that he himself had been harassed 20 Years ago.

I want you to know that there is a law suit pending against AA.

No one should put up with the crap that I am reading here. EVER!!!

Walk away. Go to the police if an assault happens.

You are not broken. You are not wrong and you have NO PART IN IT!

Stay strong and contact us if you need to talk at

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Herbert Tracy White – Is Justice Finally being served?

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Herbert Tracy White was murdered in Nov 2010. Tomorrow morning there will be sentencing. After 4 long years this poor family has to sit one more time and look at these evil two who targeted Tracy for the good Samaritan that he was. I will look them in the eye and ask questions and give them an ear full.

Have you been Financially scammed by an Alcoholic’s Anonymous member?

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Well its curious how this blog brought about some closure for me that I would never expect. I was owed some $1,200. from a guy I dated and it ended badly back in 1999. I did not meet him in AA, but in a coffee house where music was performed… when he told me he was in AA I trusted him quickly cause I thought he was on a spiritual path! What a fool I was back then. But whatever…I was very trusting and naive then.

The point is …that if every person who got ripped off or was owed money by steppers….I know this one old timer in LA who owes a whole group of guys over $250K !!! would confront him, some may get their money back.

I was contacted by a anonymous person two months ago who said they were ripped off by 2 AA members in West LA for over 2 million…thats jail time folks.  I know a woman in Texas whose friend was ripped off by her sponsor for 2 million dollars! This occurrence actually helped this person I met on Stink THINKIN blog a few years ago ….to leave AA.

A Note About Blog Comments

Posted in AA Activism by Renee Gasch on July 1, 2014

supportStop13StepinAA is a resource for survivors of the rampant predatory behavior that goes unchecked within Alcoholics Anonymous. For the last 30 years, I’ve taken on the largest and oldest alcohol recovery program in the world and, in the process, built an incredible community of safe recovery advocates.

I’ve also become a target for those who, in a misguided defense of AA, aim to discredit and attack me at every turn. You may have seen some of their comments on this blog. In an effort to make Stop13StepinAA a safer place for survivors to find the compassionate community we need to heal ourselves and change the system, we’ve removed some of these comments from the site.

We still encourage you to send in your thoughts–whether they be negative, positive or otherwise–but we will selectively post those responses we find most helpful to our readers who want to stop the 13th step in AA.

Thank you for your support,


Filming of The 13th Step is almost complete!

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Group AA reenactment _0110Over the next week or two we will begin to post new short clips of the some of the footage from the upcoming film,  The 13th STEP.

Thanks to all those who helped in the making of this film!  Edwin, Val, Barry, and all those who helped in other ways.

How bad is 13 stepping, Sexual Predatory Behavior in Louisville, Kentucky?

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sexslavery in america

Pretty bad. I am here. I am interviewing woman who have been so badly 13 stepped by older, and I mean way older men, like 68 year old hitting on 20 somethings for sex. But here’s the hitch. There is a twist on this story that makes it a crime what they are doing. A real crime. They find themselves vulnerable women who are also addicts and they feed them drugs and actually offer them drugs when they slip. Use. etc.

There is another man who is going into the women’s prison, bringing out the new ones and also having sex with them. More 13 stepping in connection with the DOC and Im sure H & I ….AA 12 step work. Sounds like AA bullshit sexual predatory work. Sex slaves are always thought as immigrants from Thailand or the like, but in America and in AA it seems we have a sex trade of its own 1930’s variety.cambodian-sex-slaves1

I am horrified by the stories I am hearing. I also remembered another reason I came here and why I am making the Documentary The 13th Step. A few years back there was a story where in the parents molested and raped 4 of their own children. They , instead of getting 15 years in prison were plea dealed to Narcotics Anonymous. Did NA locally warn the members in Kentucky that these pedophiles are now attending those meetings? NO they did not!

Here’s what I am seeing. They are dealing drugs out of the West End Token Club. Or near by, or the leaders are selling it  and or giving it to them woman in exchange for sex and holding them hostage to do what they want with them. 13 stepping is not illegal but the dealing the drugs is and indentured servitude is against the law.  Sex Trading is also illegal.

So who do we go to?

The local police? Do they care in Louisville when black men sell drugs to white women in a bad part of down. DO they care about sex trade?  The FBI? The Local AA Intergroup? The Local NA Intergroup? The Local main Newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky? The Local News Station?

This is a huge problem here and I am shocked by what I was told in the interview we did last night. This is disgusting. We will be heading to the Local AA club to see for ourselves and bring the literature to seehand on knees pic if we can empower some of this woman. and warn the guys that it has to stop. Here is one idea…they can sue the club for sexual harassment and close the club down if the right young person will do it and realizes she can do it. Perhaps it might even be a guy , or a gay person who will come forward….

Wish me …wish us luck…dont worry …I am not going alone :)



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