WHERE you Sexually Harassed, Assaulted While at any Rehab or Sober Living aka Above it ALL in Arrowhead or Action Family in Santa Clarita.

The News has been filled with exposing Rehab and Sober Living Health Insurance Fraud. We are getting many emails from victims and from parents who children have died in these places that the FBI is already investigating, like Soverign  and The Chris Bathum Places in the Los Angeles area.

If you or a loved one was harmed or scammed in any  of these places or somewhere else, please contact us here or at makeaasafer@gmail.com.


4 thoughts on “WHERE you Sexually Harassed, Assaulted While at any Rehab or Sober Living aka Above it ALL in Arrowhead or Action Family in Santa Clarita.

  1. A.A. is a most toxic environment. It seems in those 12 step rooms all the 12 steppers think about is hooking up. Usually its been my experience that it’s some other person who has the idea that they’d like to hook up with you, when that’s not what you want at all. And no one is safe either. Those are the words of a woman who had 7 years of sobriety at the time, that is what she said on a Friday night meeting. No one is safe from predation. Your not safe if your straight, gay, young, old. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have someone LUST after you in a meeting? When all your wanting to do is….attend a meeting. It’s worse than Middle school. People when you go BEWARE! I would recommend you bring your significant other, Husband, Wife, or whoever to the meetings. If your female stick to female meetings. If your court ordered do the minimum then bring someone with you.

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    1. This is very good advice. But why go there at all anymore. SMART RECOVERY has trained leaders and a sexual harassment policy – AA has none and will tell you ” whats your part in it” . I think other free options are better. But still I like your words of the wise.


      1. Thank you Massive,
        Your right there certainly are other options which I should have mentioned, however I think that the courts still make AA mandatory for some people that get into trouble? I don’t know if that law has changed. I sure hope it has. This is for someone who doesn’t want to go into custody or maybe can’t afford a good lawyer that will stand up to the AA monsters who have their hand in all the pies of society. I swear AA is just as bad as organized crime.

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